Faith Jumping

In Courage, Spirit by Melani Marx

I am in the midst of making another big leap of faith aka as answering the call of my Soul.

It has become increasingly clear what answering the call of the Soul sounds and looks like for me. There is a deepening clarity about what my unfolding roll is in the enormous shift that humanity, the Earth and all her inhabitants are in the midst of.

Each step has been a leap of faith. I laugh as I write this because my entire life has been such a good and thorough practice of Faith jumping!

I have been practicing listening inwardly since I was a child. Trusting the inner knowing and guidance within. Seeking to hear. Doing my best to follow that guidance. At first also ignoring it. Learning how each response created the next unfolding.

Some call this listening to your intuition, which is one of the ways our Soul communicates with us.

And by the way, EVERY human has intuition and the ability to access it.

New flash – this intuition thing is PARAMOUNT for us humans to master if we want to create a new collective reality of cooperation, unity, equity and peace. Paramount.

So back to my own experience of listening to my Soul/ intuition and following that guidance no matter how odd, unusual or nonsensical.

I want you to know this does not mean I have never felt or feel fear. That I have not wallowed at times in uncertainty. A life lived very outside the box of societal norms and aligned to inner guidance may include oceans of it. This is NORMAL.

However, Listening and following inner guidance is much like weightlifting. You build muscle over time with repetitive practice. You begin to have a track record of the consequences of Faith jumping and over time trust deepens.

In the last many months I have been increasingly led to travel, listen and work in partnership with the land. To deepen and learn from Nature and her myriad aspects.

I have discovered over time that I have particular evolving and increasingly potent gifts that I am being called to utilize in service to the planet and all her inhabitants.

I am also being called to share more in little bites and be more transparent about the information I am receiving and what I am doing so that it may serve anyone who is resonant with and open to this information.


Here’s how some of that may look. I will be showing up in different locations.

My extended travels begin in December as I drive from my cozy nest on Fidalgo Island to New Orleans so far by way of Tulsa. I’ll be in New Orleans for several weeks over Winter Solstice then make my way toward Taos, a couple weeks in the California desert, then New Zealand for most likely a couple months. After that I have no idea where I will be called next.

I am taking my gemstone crystal bowls with me – at least here in the US and will be open and available for live group gatherings if they are asked for. Let me know!

I will continue doing public/for everyone Monthly Resonance Sessions – however they will be more theme oriented as I am inspired. I have come to understand that these are actually deep Soul Medicine for our times, allowing you to connect to and remember the truth that is already inside of you.

I will continue to share via these missives from the Heroine’s journey during my travels as long as it is simple and practical. I am sure this will evolve and change.

Some other ways of connecting are below.

I have been led to start sharing via video. Uncut. Small bites. Spur of the moment from wherever I am. Car, beach, temporary resting place, wherever. I will post these all on my YouTube channel which you can join here if you’d like to be notified when I post something new. They may show up in these missives as well.

If you love the photos in my newsletters please join me on Instagram. I share much from my time in Nature. I will share more as I travel. Many people tell me they appreciate the transmission the images I share hold.

I will have a way for you to share and participate in the work I am doing and to “travel” with me, so to speak. More on that in another note.

Here is the link to the first video on the move I made following that inner nudge.  Let me know how it lands with you! Your feedback matters.

A big warm hug of comfort and love to you…

Keep the faith and keep listening to your inner knowing. You are not alone. ???

P.S. If you want to deepen your intuitive abilities I HIGHLY recommend checking out an extraordinary woman, Lori Wilsonand the classes she offers – hands down they are the best I have ever encountered at supporting humans to align to, discover and strengthen their intuition.