Expect the unexpected

In Soul by Melani Marx

Expect the unexpected – in a good way.

This, dear one is my most current mantra.

The phrase, “Expect the unexpected” had been rolling through my mind for a bit. Then in a conversation a dear friend used it and she added “in a good way. ” It stuck.

This particular exchange came as I was attempting to look back at the past year and make a master plan for the new one. Operative word – attempt. Just writing this makes me laugh out loud. Because as I look back at the past year, actually my whole life – NOTHING has gone as planned.

Last year I canceled plane reservations. Made unanticipated left turns, startling right turns. I stopped, regrouped and started again –  so, soooo many times.

As I allowed the idea, this mantra, “Expect the unexpected.” to work with me I could feel frissons of ease and joy begin bubble up. Possibilities open. Things stirring and expanding just behind my awareness.

Backing up a moment I want to say that the reason I was determined to make a real honest to God – with numbers and bulletpoints concrete plan is because I believed  I “should.” Which of course in hindsight, would be my first clue.

Whenever I start down the road of “should” it just doesn’t end so well for me. In fact it creates inner confusion and generates road blocks. Truthfully nothing truly comes to completion at all until I drop the “should” and return to the deeper truth of my wise inner being.

“Expect the unexpected – in a good way.”

As this little piece of magic began to dance with me everything started to come together.

Here is what I discovered…

I stopped looking at “everyone else’s” goals, lists and “Ra Ra” enthusiasm and settled into my own more natural rhythm – which has always been a bit different than the outside, linear world. The world of push and strive and force of will used to be my default. It simply doesn’t work anymore.

The cosmology that says that in the middle of Winter when we are naturally inclined to sort, rest and dream that we “should” start with a bang and get things done! Yikes!

I gave myself permission to drop the “shoulds” and fully engage the more inward rhythm of the season. To follow my own natural inclinations.  I remembered that I have actually done this dance for many years in many ways. It too has been part and parcel of my inner rhythm.

Moving out, getting caught up, feeling the unease and confusion of that, then stopping and dropping back into my own inner wisdom and knowing.

“Expect the unexpected.”

I become aware of my whole being loosening up.

The phrase “Outside the box” arrived.

I felt my mind open to new possibilities. Expansive possibilities. Exciting possibilities. Unknown possibilities.

I remembered that miracles never arrive the way we think they will.The very definition of miracle is  – unexpected. Miracles require an open and receptive mind and heart. They demand that we let go of our known ideas about – everything.

The blur behind me, the last year, came into beautiful focus. I saw how all of the unexpected things that transpired benefited me in so many ways, strung together, beads on a necklace. Some of them were sheer pleasure. Some were quite uncomfortable. They all facilitated growth, stretched my perceptions and in the end created greater coherence as well as took me in directions I could not have imagined.

I am reminded again that nothing is ever all good or all bad. Events, people, things –  simply are.

That everything has the right to exist.

My response, my view, my beliefs and ideas about them color my world – create flow or resistance. Slam the door or open it to possibility. And thankfully, this I am in charge of and I can change my mind – if I choose.

Gratitude and appreciation followed. My spirit lightened. My sense of well-being increased.

When I expect the unexpected it creates a dynamic version of balance within me. One that allows for movement, flexibility, increased stability.

All is well. I am well.

It struck me that nothing I need to know right now is behind me – in the past. It is all here. Inside me. In this moment.

I consciously thanked the past year for all of its gifts and teachings, all the blessings it brought and then – Let. It. Go.

Where I am headed is out in front of me. Head up, eyes on the horizon. Resting in my body, in my inner being. Listening – I take the very next step. And then the next. Stopping and checking inside as often as I am able.

Opening to the possibilities. Cultivating curiosity. Calling in wonder. Practicing appreciation.

Open. Receptive.

Expecting miracles.

Expecting the unexpected.