Everything is waking up my love – Can you feel it?

Everything is waking up my love – Can you feel it?

In Spirit by Melani Marx

Tomorrow we move into the gateway of Solstice – Summer or Winter depending on which side of the equator you are on.

Take a moment, if you will to open to the magnificent and beneficent energies  – being emitted by the planet, the sun, the Cosmic Core.

Allow yourself to wholeheartedly receive the fullness of the blessings being bestowed unconditionally at this time.

Take time to honor. Give thanks. Rest in presence and recognition.


Start close in….

First – honor your self and all that you do in service –

To your own unfolding. To the re-membering of yourself

To your dear family

To your beloved and ever widening circles of friends, communities, connections

To the perpetuation of freedom, liberation and equity.

Honor yourself and all that you ARE.

Just as you are.

In the fullness of your beauty and amazement.

In the expression of your unique gifts, talents and genius

In the ever shifting kaleidoscope colors that the atoms, particles, bits and pieces within you are changing and transforming into. Simultaneously dropping away and emerging. All coalescing into a new order of coherence, harmony and balance. Being re-formed in love. In sacred Union.

Give thanks, dear one as you welcome, honor and make room for the Wise Child within you – this precious and tender being held deep within each and every one of us.

She is the master of wonder. Curiosity. Amazement. Adventure.

She is the one who remembers that work is simply another form of creative play.

It is she who holds many of the sacred keys to remembering, expressing and dancing your innate Wholeness.

This blessed one has patiently, skillfully and brilliantly carried the deepest inner woundings carefully into the present. Ones that were once too big to sort through, integrate or make sense of. Now is the time to embrace them all. You are ready.

Turn and welcome her now – keeper of radiant and innocent purity, of power.

She who has patiently, patiently, oh so patiently been tapping you on the shoulder.  Coming into your awareness, your reflected experience in myriads of ways.

Asking for your attention. Acceptance. Inclusion.

Waiting for the balm of deep listening. Non-judgment.

Unconditional love.

Ask her to tell you her secrets. Listen deeply. Don’t interrupt. Hold her close. Give her space.

Skip with her. Laugh with her. Get silly with her.

Lie on the grass and gaze up through the trees watching the sun and wind and leaves dance.

Let her show you how to play once again. She is very good at it – as are the fairies. Ask her!

Honor and give thanks to the magnificent being we call Earth/ Gaia/ Mother, the essence of the Divine Feminine in form. She who nurtures and nourishes all – unconditionally.

Rest on her belly. Float on her waters. Let her hold you. Inform you.

Listen to her whispers.

Drink deeply of the life giving qualities she freely imparts.

Let your awareness rest in Nature.

Listen to the trees, flowers, birds and bees. All of the beings who are our innumerable fellow travelers on the ride aboard this glorious planet, streaking across the galaxy.

What an adventure!

Everything is waking up, my love. Can you feel it?

The Earth. The Stones. The Trees. The Oceans.

You. Me.

All of us coming more fully awake from a long dream of separation – from ourselves, from each other, from Source.

Vibrating with potential. Quickening.

Take some moments of time, dear one –  holding your attention, your intention to be aligned with this. To dance with the joy of what is emerging. What is being built from the ground up within you and all of Life.

Start a conversation with everything! Drop into a quiet stance of receptivity. Listen. Trust what you hear.

I’ll be with you…

Practicing wonder and amazement. Resting in love. Re-membering.

Keeping my awareness on the hummm that is building, the vibrant Life/ Light force that is increasing. Communing with it all.

Happiest of Solstice Blessings to you and yours!