Every single crazy, beautiful, mixed up thing

In Soul by Melani Marx

There’s a beautiful and very old Madrone I pass each morning that I walk the headland. This morning she beckoned me closer.

Her magnificent limbs are deeply scarred from carvings. Initials. Art. Names. A heart. Quietly I place my hand on her leaning forward a bit. Wanting to hear her wisdom. Nothing.

I concentrate a bit more. Nothing. I step back, straighten, look up and hear.

“Stop leaning forward.”

I felt myself in that instant – leaning forward – energetically. Out ahead of myself so to speak. Straining. Efforting. In the nanosecond I observed this I instantly perceive myself come back to center. To now. To rest in my clear core.

I relax. Feel my own aliveness.

My feet on the earth. Spine erect. My crown above my root. An open invitation to presence. To Life. To whatever wants to share itself with me. Express through me.

I share this because we humans are often are out ahead – or even beside ourselves. Straining. Forcing. Trying to make things happen. Wanting to know what’s coming.

Rather than practicing openness. Receptivity. Connection to our wise inner selves – that is connected to ALL. Listening. Observing – inside.

And it is a practice.

Moving out. Coming back. A beautiful dance of strength and respect as we find our inner sovereignty. Our own heart and soul’s knowing.

I believe every single crazy, beautiful, mixed up thing going on is beneficently carrying us to more of our true self.

Opening up and spilling out all the contents stuffed deep inside our being across the floor of our lives  – for our benefit. So we can lovingly step back and observe. Choose. Decide.

What is enlivening.

What is not.

Much of it is not even ours. Lies and misperceptions we have taken in. Believed. Been told. Worn as defense.

Some of it is worn out, habitual, patterned – simply playing a loop.

Some of it old hurts ready to be transformed.

All of this is treasure.

It is calling you inward. Deeper. Into your being.

Maybe you’ve never had a practice of coming home.

Maybe you are feeling frustrated because you do and for the love of beauty you should have this down by now. Damn it!

Maybe you have simply lost your center for a moment. Or a day. Or a week. Or longer.

Whatever is so for you. I invite you to simply take this moment to breathe into your heart.

Focus on the center of your chest, on your breath, on the sensations in your body as you do.

Take three





your heart.


Now – bring your awareness into your low belly.

Give yourself the gift of three slooooowwww breaths… into your belly. All the way to the back of your spine.

Notice the sensations.

The texture of your breath.

Let yourself feel yourself. Your body.

Whenever you happen to notice you are straining. Pushing. Lost in the crazy…


Call yourself back.

Feel yourself here. In the precious container, also known as your body, inhabited by your soul – your Divine Essence.


Let the mind settle.

Take a walk.

Go outside.

Sit on the Earth.

We all feel lost sometimes.

This is the nature of the increased speed of the quickening taking place here on planet Earth.

The truth is though – we are never really lost. We have simply gotten out ahead of ourselves. Left our selves. Followed the mind down some rabbit hole. Believing a story – and usually not a terribly restful or kind one.

Healing. Magic. Inspiration. Creative flow. Rest.

All of these happen in this wide and spacious present moment. In the absence of push. In the presence of open. Curious. This is where the juice and wonder are alive.

This, my love, is worth cultivating. Practicing.

You are so worth being connected to.

And if you happen to need some extra oomph, a little outside support with gathering yourself up…

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