Don’t say a single word

In Soul by Melani Marx


Sometimes we find ourselves in frames of mind, that for whatever reason we just cannot put down. Move through. Set aside.

Try as we might.


We are fully caught up…

In the stories that have us en-tranced.

In the meaning we are making whatever it is – our feelings, the circumstances, our loved ones – have.

In the steadfast and abiding desire for that “it” to be anything other than what is.


We may WANT to feel differently about something.

Even believe we should.

If we were a “good” person. More spiritually evolved. Better somehow than we think we are in this instance.

Whatever has caught us up might quite possibly be something that is a variation on a very old theme – a pattern from our earliest years, another life, our ancestral lineage…

Coming up. Tapping us on the shoulder.
A shadow aspect asking for our attention.

Not to be talked out of or reasoned away.

We might feel…

Frustrated that we haven’t  frickin’ worked though it – aren’t finally over “it” already.


Doubt ourselves.




Casting blame.


Spun out.

This, my love is the moment to sit right up close beside yourself like the loving and generous friend you know how to be.


Hold your own beautiful and hard working hand and listen to what is really so for you. This momentary truth. All weepy frustration and frightened child self.


Listen with kindness as you give yourself space.


Precious witness.


Without trying to make any single bit of it something other than just what it is.

Don’t say a word in response.
Practice listening.
Deeply hearing.
Suspending judgment.

Be a deep, wide, clear and quiet pool – more than enough to hold it all.

This is acceptance.


This is self-love in action.


This. Is kindness.


This is the most potent kind of healing magic.

I am sitting beside you listening.