DNA Activations

Hello, over there. You’ve found this work, and I’m glad. Whether a friend has sent you here, or you saw the link and got curious, a warm welcome to you. I’m delighted you found your way here.

For over more than a decade, thousands of people have received these Activations worldwide. This work is unlike anything I’ve done before (and believe me, I’ve done a lot!). It changes people’s lives in extraordinary ways. The range of ways people are helped and supported by this work is humbling, and heartening to witness.

These Activations raise your frequency, unwind deeply held patterns physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – allowing you to step more firmly and fully into your highest innate incarnational potential. This leaves you with a deeper and ever-evolving sense of who you are and what you are here to do.

The positive changes I have witnessed in client’s lives over the course of the series continues to astound me.

This energy work is done remotely on your behalf, taking place over a series of months. I will email you information, reminders and other support while your activations are occurring to help you stay connected to your own process.

I host monthly recorded calls where you may receive personal support, ask questions, learn tools, share experiences, as well as be in community with others committed to their own transformational unfolding.

This Potentiation process has been incredible! I am becoming a different person. More insightful, clear and mature. I have come to several important realizations about myself and my life. Thank you! KM, Arizona
I am extraordinarily grateful for all of these activations! Whew! A few of the common themes my friends and I have experienced as a result of completely them all are: quiets the mind, eliminates self judgment, deeper self acceptance and self love, the ability to respond to upsets very differently than before – calmer with more choice. It’s subtle as it’s taking place, because you are truly becoming more and more of you who you really are.Ken Wenck
I am so grateful for you. I am so grateful for the DNA transformation. I am amazed at this process! I feel so great! It has saved my life.Shannon Scott
I’m so grateful for these DNA activations. I’ve definitely been feeling their effects in my life.Elizabeth Gutierrez, MD
I am grateful to have committed to all the activations. When I look back at my intentions, I have accomplished all of them and more.

I am physically stronger than ever. In the last few months I have been training and dancing, doing something physical nearly every day of the week. I stand tall and walk with confidence.

I am mentally clear. I know and accept who I am with love and gratitude. I am cooperative rather than competitive. My boundaries are clear. I am aware of my choices.

I live in trust instead of fear. My heart is wide open and does not ache as it used to. I have mercy and compassion for all including myself.

Having been raised in an apartment in New York by protective parents, connecting and observing nature has been a challenge for me. Nature has become my mentor and inspiration.

Thank you for illuminating my way, Melani. I am forever grateful for your encouragement and guidance.Mary Jane Pappas

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