Definitely Not the Whole Story

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

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Hello beautiful and amazing human,

A wee more personal share you may find resonance with.

Doors are closing. Others are opening. 

Beloveds close to me are traversing dark and stormy waters as they traverse Life. 

Some are experiencing finding themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Much that has been buried is coming to the surface demanding attention, integration and blessing. 

Other beloveds are breathing their last breaths. Held and wrapped in love and caring as they surrender and move toward the next grand adventure.  

There are also those that are fighting for life.  

Fighting to heal.  

To regain what has been lost or to find firm footing on a new path, sobered by the wake up call Life has dealt.  

I am deeply aware once again that we can never know what another is holding inside their most private internal spaces.

That we humans can feel many layers of emotion all at once and this can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

That our exterior, polite and pleasant faces do not tell the whole story.

The anger spouting in misdirection may be grief, despair or long held violations presenting in the only way this particular human can manage.  

We simply cannot know.

Myself, I am awash in new beginnings, goodbyes, tender concerns for those I love dearly.

Doors closing. Doors opening.

The moment to moment experiences of travel, connection, all mixed up with the pure pleasure of Summer. 

Inside me something palpable is unraveling as surely as the sun rises and sets.

Long secured stitches in the fabric of my being separating and falling away in the deepest layers of my being. Uncovering something that shines with its own light.

Something it seems that has been patiently waiting to emerge – as I emerge from the chrysalis of the last three plus years. 

Simultaneously I am opening to dreams long held close and tender.

Potential rolling out before me a dizzying abundance of Life beckoning me forward.

New, as yet unknown paths are unfolding before my eyes. 

I simply keep following the inner “Yes!”


Sitting in the shade in the backyard at my son Jay’s restaurant on Orcas Island, Houlme after sharing a meal early in the day on Friday.
(Check my social media for a taste of the magic beautifully served up at Houlme each evening.)

The breeze is sweet. The sound of live jazz gently floats to me through the trees, slipping borders to cross the fence. 

This is delivered via text – thank you, Diana.

Poem of One World

This morning
the beautiful white heron
was floating along above the water
and then into the sky of this
the one world
we all belong to
where everything
sooner or later
is a part of everything else
which thought made me feel
for a little while
quite beautiful myself.

– Mary Oliver ‘A Thousand Mornings’

And my thoughts go to a dear beloved sister who is floating in the liminal space between worlds ready to finally cross at anytime. (The photo at the top of this page was taken by her many years ago.)  

Life is such a wild juxtaposition of ecstasy and grief. Joy and pain. 

The tension of opposites, one held gently in each palm.  

The heart that loves well and deeply also clenches painfully, tightly at loss.  

This is the wonder and beauty of being human. Every moment a new arrival as Rumi says.  

I am welcoming them all thru the portal to have their way with me. 

Holding each and every one of you in love and the infinite possibility of your becoming.  

May your journey be blessed by Grace.  

May you know you are never alone in your difficulties.  

May you know you are loved. Exactly as you are. Deeply. Completely. Every single aspect of you.  

May you feel comforted in unexpected ways.  

May you know kindness.  

May you know peace.  

May you find pleasure, awe and wonder in random and unexpected ways – every single day. 

May you be infinitely blessed. 

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