“Helping me become the master of what I need to master”

I was starting a coaching practice, and was having challenges with energy drains. I felt like I was taking on other people’s negativity. I had been disconnected with my body and my emotions for so long. Melani helped me reconnect with my inner knowing, my inner authority. Through our work together, I learned how to be my own guru. To center and ground. To bring ‘me’ back into myself. I got the courage to become the master of what I needed to master. What I love about Melani is that she is a student of many different practices, and so she really can work with whatever comes up.

L.A., California

“I needed someone to co-create my solution.”

My energy and vitality was decreasing. I’d lost my short-term memory. Being touched was painful. I knew I was on my way out, but doctors couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with me. I didn’t know anything about energy work back then. But I knew I needed help. I couldn’t connect with my solution on my own and bring it in. Melani helped me co-create the way out of this.

Melani has been the mirror that reflects who I am back to me, so I can see it. I’d never seen myself as intelligent. I was raised to think someone would need to take care of me my whole life. But now, I see the genius within me. I can hang out with capable and adventurous people. I don’t feel dwarfed – because I know who I am now.

Her unconditional love enabled me to access my highest potential and bring it into form. If you’re committed, she will meet you in the field of infinite possibilities, and then what you can create together is magical. It has no limits. Now, I know my presence is beneficial. When I show up with people, their lives change. When I show up in a crowd, their lives change. So I’m committed to staying here. And having fun.

L.R., Washington

“Melani brought me into my power”

I’ve had lifelong challenges, you could say. I’d had Lyme disease for years. I’d gotten divorced in my thirties. And now in my fifties, with my daughter about to get married, I’d come to a point where things really weren’t working. No matter what healing work I did, I always felt imprisoned . . . whether in my body, or in my life.

Working with Melani, that all went away. This was the most profound outcome of our work together. Yes, I got tools and insight. Yes, I got confidence in my own gifts and abilities, working with my intuition and unseen forces. Yes, I came to understand who I really am and how powerful I really am, too. Melani brought me into my power.

R.M., Rhode Island

“I had space to feel my feelings, without rush”

I came to work with Melani when I was grieving my mom’s passing. It wasn’t that I was depressed; it was more a feeling that I was lost and drifting. I already had a teacher and a compassionate circle of friends in my spiritual group. But through my work with Melani, I came to see that I was feeling rushed to grieve and move on. Our work gave me space to feel my feelings, on whatever timeline I needed, and to be okay with that.

Melani worked with me behind awake thought. It wasn’t about thinking. It was on a gut level. An intuitive level. From feeling lost and broken, I came to feel grounded, hopeful and connected again. A real feeling of belonging.

M.S., New York

“Life is crazy wild dance and I’m here to whirl”

Working with Melani helped me see that every story has a story behind the story. Melani helps you make sure you aren’t just rehashing and re-embedding the same old story, over and over again. She helps you unpeel it. Unlayer it. Unravel it. Because of this, I’ve come to see that the world is a really different place that I thought. It’s expansive and more layered. It’s this crazy wild dance. I’m here to find the joy in that. I want to grab onto it and whirl like crazy.

K.O., Oregon

“Melani doesn’t tell you what to do – she just asks really good questions”

I work with Melani for the subtle things. To shift the little ways I move through the world, that I know can be done with more ease and clarity, but that I can’t quite put my finger on. Through our work together, I’m much more aware to look for things that are changing. Sometimes she begins a call with: What have you been noticing? One of the things I’ve learned from our work is that you need to observe things in order for them to shift and change. I’ve gained a trust in myself . . . and have come to put my voice and my expectation first. Melani is so good about creating a safe container. I know she has my best interest and wellbeing at heart. She’ll never step into my circle; she’s a neutral person to talk things through with, and work things through with, energetically.

E.R., California

“Melani’s been insistent that I have answers for myself”

I’m a registered nurse who’s been married for 28 years. I’ve raised three great kids and helped my dad when he got lung cancer (and my mom went into denial). When he died, there were physical things I did to take care of myself. The energetic and soul level things I did with Melani. I went to places I didn’t know existed. Some of them were dark. But grief can serve us that way. It can lead us to an opening, to something new. I asked myself soul level questions, like am I going back into nursing?

Through my work with Melani, I learned how to work with my intentions more deeply, and follow my heart. I ended up going back to school to get my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Now I’m much more aligned with where I’m going in the world. I had addiction early in my life, and have been sober for more than 30 years. Now, I hold the vision of a center for young ladies in recovery from addiction.

Melani’s complete and total acceptance (and appreciation!) of me has given me the ability to love myself no matter what . . . and then to hold that space for everyone else in my world. From my husband, who shares my intention that we have a happy, fun long-term marriage where we give as good as we can, and have communication as open as it can be (even if it’s scary!) . . . to the young ladies in recovery.

T.W., California

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