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The Sobs Bubble Up and the Lifewater Flows….

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Happy Equinox, dear human! Here in the Northern Hemisphere in the wee hours of the night we crossed the demarcation line into Autumn.  The time of letting go, releasing has officially begun.  Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are joyfully welcoming Spring! The time of renewal. When the natural world begins to seemingly awaken all at once and the …

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On Calling Yourself Back…

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Hi there amazing human, The last several months have been a bit of a whirlwind as an enormous amount of change has taken place in my own life. I know from speaking to many of you, you have been experiencing a lot of shift and flow as well in yours. And holy wow! There are even more big adventures out …

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Up against a wall. At an impasse. No idea how to proceed.

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Happy Super Blue Moon, beautiful and amazing human!  A wise man asked me a question today that caused me to laugh out loud, because it was very much in line with the theme of the day, the week, the month, the year – the energies we are all swimming in here on planet Earth.   “What is the difference between surrender …

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I was terrified to show up…

In Courage by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and amazing human! Have ever heard the saying “Bright and Shiny people love to be around and support other Bright and Shiny people?”  It’s true!  Here’s what else I realized through experience.  Those that are not Bright and Shiny humans or are not feeling all that Bright and Shiny for whatever reason. Perhaps those that aren’t sharing their …

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A Most Clarifying Moment

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Hello there, lovely and amazing human!  Thank you for being here on planet Earth. I am so glad you are.  I am going to tell you a wee story today…  Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman walking through her life. She grew up believing and being shown in a myriad of ways that other’s needs were …

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The Harmonious Pattern of All Things

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

Hi there lovely and amazing human, Play with me for a moment? Take a nice easy breathe into your belly and settle into your Center. Bring your attention to the center of your head, between your ears, or low in your belly…and quietly, without straining…drop in and listen for the Song underneath the rush and bustle of third dimensional reality. …

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A Most Glorious Demolition 

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and amazing human! Today is Independence Day here in the US. As with all things in life there are multiple layers and a multi-dimensional aspect to everything. In the outside world this is the anniversary and commemoration of the death of the British held American colonies and the birth of the Unites States of America. There is the initial shift …

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Definitely Not the Whole Story

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

Find an audio version of this missive here. Hello beautiful and amazing human, A wee more personal share you may find resonance with. Doors are closing. Others are opening.  Beloveds close to me are traversing dark and stormy waters as they traverse Life.  Some are experiencing finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. Much that has been buried …

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Uncertainty, Support and Words of Comfort

In Soul by Melani Marx

Good morning beloved human,   Welcome to the Gemini New Moon!   I’m hearing from many humans – clients, friends, chance meetings that personally things seem a bit challenging, perhaps chaotic at the moment for folks.   Solar storms are amplifying and magnifying the experience of this in many ways.   In my listening, I’m perceiving a sense of worlds – inner and outer – …

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I Love You

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

I love you   These words have the power to heal, mend, build a bridge, draw another closer, open hearts, acknowledge a bond, speak to a state of being that is present and so much more.   It is also how we express the recognition of the Divine in another.  Three small yet powerful heart opening words.   Love does not mean you …