Autumn Full Moon Blessings

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

Hello lovely!

Last night was the Full Moon. Did you get to see it? Also called the Harvest Moon here in the northern hemisphere.

And although the Autumnal Equinox was a couple of days ago astrologically, yesterday was the actual day – here in the farther north – where light and dark are equally balanced. Day and night momentarily poised – neither longer than the other.

Where I inhabit the planet this is the day when Nature pauses, catches her breath and exhales…

This moment heralds the arrival of Autumn, when the busy, carefree, outward and rather wild urges of Summer –  shift, slow, begin to let go.

A new, quieter and more inward rhythm begins to make itself known.

The fruition of Summer in the form of fruit and seed are ready for harvest. Many plants and trees let loose their seeds during this time – some flying on the shifting winds to new locations, quietly waiting for the perfect conditions to germinate in Spring, carrying on the continuum.

This is the time when animals and humans gather fruit and seed from Summer to store, ready to take in as nurture and nourishment. Sustaining life in Winter.

Trees begin their magnificent movement inward, foliage shifting hue. Leaves effortlessly falling away.

We are witness to an endless dance of awakening, increase, growth and fruition that naturally gives way to release, rest and rejuvenation.

We are not separate from this beautifully orchestrated dance of Wholeness. The cycle of Life carries us all right along with it.

Wishing you a magnificent shifting of the season, dear one.

May you slow and savor the beauty of the changing landscape, the call to a quieter, more leisurely and thought-ful inner rhythm.

Listen to this Moon’s Resonance Session to support yourself in aligning to your own inner rhythm of love, clarity and balance. I created it specially for you.

It’s just below.

September 2018 Full Moon Resonance Session 
A little bite of awesome.  A small yet powerful morsel of magic.

An oasis of calm.

Helping you to find your own internal place of peace and resonance – that external factors cannot shatter.

Aligning you to the current multi-dimensional energies of Heaven and Earth.

Supporting you to move in your own innate rhythm and flow. Your own deep wisdom and autonomy.

It’s about five and one half minutes long.

Listen once or listen often.

Share it freely.

Love these energy session?

Imagine one created just for you. A Soul Song that will help you remain in a position of witness for yourself and others when the craziness of the outside world begins to bombard you. Anchoring you into your heart in a very assured, secure and tethered way.

Calling back fragments of Self.

Calling all of you back home to your heart.

Seating you fully into your body and being.

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Click here to listen to the September 2018 – Full Moon Resonance Session

” Follow the Light that is shining steadfast within your own precious being.

The radiance that resides safely in the cavern of your deepest knowing.

The luminosity that never wavers – even when you have turned away from yourself.

That Light is always there. Waiting patiently. Steady. Strong. Solid.

Illuminating your way forward.” – Melani