Answering the Longing for Home

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Hello love,

Blessings to you on this Aries New Moon. The first New Moon of a brand new astrological year! 

This means that the last few days have not only been the completion of a single moon cycle, it has been the completion of an entire astrological year! Not a small transition and transitions by their very nature can feel a bit wobbly and uncertain. 

This transitional energy is much like a strong tidal pull, carrying away everything that is not aligned, appropriate or beneficial to bring into the new cycle – whether year or moon – back into the vastness of the ocean. 

At the same time we are also feeling the in-surge of energy that is imminent, yet not quite here. 

The veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Our inner ears are listening and responding to these energies even if our conscious mind is not aware of them. We are after all intimately connected to and are one with the Natural cycles of ebb and flow.

Here’s a little story about tidal shifts, the power of the questions we ask ourselves and gaining clarity. 

The last few days my own movement forward has been stilled. My rudder in neutral. What I thought was the clear path ahead had become muddied. What had felt like the way forward had clearly been brought into question. SO many questions! 

You may be feeling much of the same thing in your own life. This is simply the nature of these tidal shifts.

As I sat on a beach a few days ago with my journal and pen in hand I took some time to ponder what this fogginess was showing me. 

As I wrote these words…

“What should I do?” 

It struck me – heel of hand to brow – duh! 

What I was asking myself was never going to give me the clarity I was seeking. It would keep me in an endless loop of uncertainty as the wording of the question put any possible course of action completely outside of myself. 

Dictionary definition
Should: used to indicate obligation, duty, correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions.

The more useful question, the one aligned to true choice, aligned to authentic forward movement is this one – 

What does my heart/Soul call me toward? 

What would my heart have me do?

These questions as I let them settle within and have their way with me brought to the surface what was calling to be released… any sense of obligation, sacrifice or duty that was coloring the way forward. Any pull toward a call outside of my own Soul’s imperative, the perfect pattern and way forward it holds for me in any given moment. 

This is not simply a personal fine tuning and sifting that is taking place within myself – this is a Universal theme that all of us are working with in some way or another. 

The time of sacrifice, of doing for others at the expense of ourselves, the belief that we must suffer in order to be of service, to be holy, to be of worth – this is what is being carried away on the outward tide. This is what each of us are examining in some ways within our own lives. 

Once I got clear on this relief flooded my body, my being. 

I felt into the path I thought was ahead of me and it felt tough, constricting, confined – what I was “supposed” to do. Hmmmm…

So I let it go

Since then I have been feeling into other options. The ones that feel tight in my chest, my body – I am discarding. The ones that feel open and uplifting – I am resting into. 

And I am reminding myself…

That I always know, when I know. Invite patience.

That I absolutely know what a “yes!” feels like. Anything else is a “no” or a “not now.” Keep saying “yes!”

That my words are powerful. Choose them mindfully. 

That what I focus on powerfully creates my experience as well as my future. Choose to focus on opening to the solutions, on what I want, need and require rather than on what is not happening.

That doing what brings me joy, what feels open – places me in a state of receptivity and magic.  Turn toward that.

That everything I truly need in this moment is already inside of me or within a three foot radius. Be present and pay attention.

That life is a marvelous adventure. Choose to fully participate.

That I am never alone. There are infinite beings ready and willing to support me, both seen and unseen – all I need to do is ask for assistance, preferably out loud. Ask for assistance! Then open and receive it!

May this potent and exceptional time of simultaneously letting go and calling in carry you ever more surely home to your Self. To the deepest knowing of your Soul’s Wisdom and Wholeness, the Infinite and Radiant Light that you are. To assist you with this I have been joyfully busy! More about that just below. 

Love and joy to you from the chilly, autumnal south of New Zealand!

I have been guided to start making and freely sharing recordings of the Songs From Home that are coming through me. All of them have been made simply using my phone as I’ve been traveling to sacred, wild and beautiful places on my journey through New Zealand. Most capture the sounds of Nature that is surrounding me as the Songs flow through.

These Songs are meant to support a deeper remembering of Home, of who you are and what you are truly about. To awaken the Soul Song within you. 

Many have shared that as they listen they feel deep releases, soothing peace and a gentle realignment within.

My understanding is that Songs From Home are an energetic transmission directly from the Great Central Sun. The tones, the frequencies and the Light Language coming through are not always beautiful or pretty.  They do however go straight to the Soul, awakening your original energetic blueprint, your remembrance of your Wholeness and connection to the All. 

As these Songs come through me there is a mysterious and palpable synergy of co-creation with Gaia, the Spirits of the Land, the beings of Light that work with me and the Source Energies. All is benefited. All is blessed, strengthened, awakened and enriched in a beautiful infinite loop of Love and connection to All That Is. 

“The Bridge that guides us back Home. This is what you do… channeling our stories from within the deepest knowing of your Soul, so we too remember…”

You may find all the Songs here on my Sound Cloud channel. I will keep adding them as they come through as I continue to sing and travel. I suggest you listen first to Welcome  – then either listen in order or choose whatever calls to you. Know that these are an energetic transmission that will continue to work with you long after you listen. 

If you have a suggestion for an intention for a Song, something that would be useful to you – please pop me an email and let me know. I will sing one for you and share it. We are all in this together and I am doing this for each and every one of Us. 

The little video just below was made by my talented and amazing assistant Stephanie. It is the first one of the Songs – called Homecoming.

May you remember All that you are and come deeply Home to you luminous Self.