An Ode To Spring

In Celebration by Melani Marx

It never ever fails to astonish and delight me! 

To woo me and make me swoon.


She is one wild and unruly unleashing.

Snow melt rushing to overfill the arteries of the Land. 

Sunshine. Dark clouds. Deluge.

Blustery blue sky. Hail. Brilliant shining sun. Snow.

One right after the other…

Temperatures dip and soar. 

Sap rising inexorably as daylight lengthens. 

Creative energies receive a boost of brilliance. 

Ideas popping like buds on tree tips. 

Tumultuous. Headstrong. Wild.

Loosening what has been bound. 

Stirring what has become stagnant.

Freeing up what has been kept frozen. In stasis.

Endeavoring to allow it all to sweep me clean. 

Opening to the primal pull to rewild myself once again. 

To stand in the rain. Dance in the hail. Gaze at the blue, blue sky.

I call in the power of Nature, of Beauty, of Life itself to scour my mind and spirit. 

May long buried emotions that have made me doubt, caused me to believe I am insignificant, don’t matter, made kinks in the glorious expression of my radiance now be unleashed from my cells and flow with sweet ease along with the snowmelt from the highest peaks. 

My my physicality be renewed and rejuvenated as it throws off the heaviness of Winter. 

I surrender to the Source of Love that will move me. 

I surrender to the force of Life that will carry me all-ways, ever homeward to my own precious Self. 

I surrender to the big picture for my Life.

I surrender to Love.

I embrace Life.