An Invocation for Rebirth

In Spirit by Melani Marx

Hello there beautiful human one! 

I’m led to share a prayer with you.

One I wrote in my journal a day or so before what I have come to call the “Event”, now 22 months ago at the tail end of March 2020, just as Covid began to transform the world. (I shared a bit about that in my last missive). 

When I recently went back and reread it in my journal, I was very moved and felt a powerful transmission in the words. 
It was quite poignant for me to go back and see the deep yearning and calling forth as I unknowingly stood at the precipice of one life to another. To witness, at this juncture, the responses to my heartfelt appeals manifesting and unfolding in my day to day life. 
Ever since I re-read it my inner guidance has been urging me to share it with y’all. So I am. My commitment to myself includes listening to and following that inner nudging. To surrender to what my guidance shows me no matter how naked, crazy or vulnerable it feels at the time. No matter how reluctant I may be. 
Perhaps there will be words and qualities in this prayer that will inspire and inform you. Words you would like to make your own as mantra, prayer, reminder….

Support for your own inner and outer transformative journey.

In my perfect imperfection as a fellow human – I offer this to you.

Dearest Divine Beloved All That Is,

Open me to receive the Infinite blessings of this Life.
Thank you! Thank you! And amen. Thank you!

Help me to see that which is impeding my ability to know the Truth.

To stand rooted in your Love. To be one with you.

Allow that which is mine to move through and that which is not to fall away.

Help me to know your Love. To feel your breath as my own.

Support me to stand firm in the face of fear.

Loosen the insidious bonds that have kept me afraid to truly live. To see through the falseness of separation, the limitations of perceived “otherness”, the cage of unconscious limitation and paranoia that permeates our culture, the barage of false messages telling me that I am not safe.

Assist my body to unwind. My mind to settle. My heart to heal.

Please infuse me with the strength and courage to act in a way that is beneficial to my own well-being.

Help me to let go of suspicion and embrace my own inner knowing rooted in your Truth.
To rest deeply in the unknown and find solace and ground there.

To understand the mechanisms of control at work in the world and in my life without fortifying its dominion.

Assist me to make joy – small, simple joy – a priority in each day, each hour. Help me to have the eyes to see, the openness to experience this.

Please support me so that my mind may be in service to my heart, my Soul, my purpose.

Allow pretense to fall away so that the brilliance within me may shine through.

Help me to stop avoiding Love.

Guide me in surrender…

Surrender to THIS moment.
Over and over and over again.
Whatever it brings.
Whatever may appear.
Surrendering to the unmoving presence permeating All.

Help me to allow whatever is here in this moment to be enough, sufficient, ample – as I come to embody that I am as well.

Guide me to make each day an act of devotion, to Life, to growth, to expansion, to purpose. To fulfilment of the promise within me.

Help me to re-member that I am ALL that I am, as are all my fellow travelers in this Cosmos. Each and every one playing a part in the creation of everything in every moment. Balance to imbalance and back again. Ever unfolding and morphing in an endless play of Love, Beauty and Creation experiencing itself ­no matter how ugly it may appear to my eyes.

May I remember there is something beyond my comprehension taking place here. Always.

Help me to become acutely aware of the voice that negates my own deeper experience. My sensing, my seeing and perceiving. 

Help me dear God, Goddess, Creatrix to trust myself. For even when that knowing has led me into “darkness” it has always led me out again with deeper awareness, wisdom, joy and capacity.

Help me to know in my blood and my bones, my subatomic particles that my path is not meant to be the same as another’s or the “norm”, whatever false construct that is. Guide me to fully embrace my own idiosyncratic, unrepeatable, unique Self within this magnificent Whole.

Help me, dear Divine Beloved One to feel the fear underneath the clenching certainty of what I believe to be so – so that I may let go and open more fully to what is.

Help me to be a living, streaming expression of I am Presence.
To surrender to what is. To live in the flow of Life and be one with it. 

To be gentle with myself and perceive the poison as flagellation from the whips of “patriarchy” come to bear. As the messages, programs and thoughts of worth predicated only on prescribed action, accomplishment and doing attempt to spin their spell. As the push and struggle to attain material world acquisition and accomplishment as pinnacle of a human life whispers its lies in my ear. 

Let me finally live and choose on my own terms. To allow myself to want what I truly want. To lovingly accept myself and all the nuances and versions that stream through this incarnational experience. 

As I, as WE, surrender to wherever this ride will take us, help me to remember ­I do not have any control over what is going on out there, save for being aware of my own perceptions of it and my own responses to it. 

Help me to stay soft, resilient, flowing with Life.
Help me to reconnect to the bedrock knowing in my belly that…
All is well.
All is well.
All is well and truly well.

To rest in that even in the face of death and destruction – for this too is as natural as the flower’s blooming, falling away, releasing seed and going back to Earth.

Help me to remember I too am a part of this nourishing, nutritive, generative cycle of Life. For we humans, even though we have forgotten this, are living, breathing walking Earth. Help me, Divine Mother to remember and soften to this awareness. 

Help me to remember there is no one to blame. We are all both responsible and innocent in our ignorance. Give me the strength, courage and love to see my part in continuing the ways that are the antithesis to sustainability, reciprocity, Wholeness, Life. 

Give me the wisdom to know that I matter. My actions make a difference. My own unfolding and alignment is vital and nourishing to all other beings endeavoring to unfold as well. 

Help me to remember it is time to wake from the dream of childhood, of orphan, of victim, rescuer – for it is time to grow into the promise within. To take my place in adulthood – to cross the threshold into maturity, to stand now as wise elder. Show me the way forward. 

Assist me to know in the depths of my being, the marrow of my bones that nothing is ever either/or, good/bad, right/wrong. That to stand in one puts us in denial, defense against the “other” and obscures, limits our vision of the Whole. 

Help me to re-member again and again that the ties of dogma are being split asunder. That this cleaving tightly to one or the other is the result of deeply imbedded trauma and patterning that has been handed down from generation to generation to generation. 

This too is part of what is falling away now…

Help me, help us humans to traverse this time of shifting paradigms, clinging to no one version of right or wrong. To be open and curious. And to notice, dear Beloved, when I am defending my position.

Allow me to be curious about the defense as well as the strong emotions that may arise within me. To have the courage and willingness to uncover what possible fea, hurt, unmet grief or wound is still calling for attention within this beautiful human being that I am. 

Help me to stand open, present, curious, yet firm in my understanding that I can never know what is right or appropriate for any other.

Help me to remember, to understand that the grasping of “mine” is a concept, a limiting belief, an abstraction of ownership born of emptiness and separation that can never stand up to the Truth, to Universal Law.

Help me to step out in faith and trust that what I have is meant to be shared. Not at my own expense – in inclusion. Help me to remember that one of the greatest limits we have participated in is the falsehood of “not enough”, of lack and separation from everything else.

Help me, oh Source of All That Is, to remember this. To act, to give and share in some small way every day. Whether it is to the birds, a song to the Stones, a hand, a presencing to another.

To allow myself to feel the wrench of “give away” as I was shown in Medicine Circle so long ago, so that I may continue to unwind this program of scarcity and open to the abundance that is already here. Not just with material goods – also with my heart and mind.

Help me to be generous of heart and action toward myself first and foremost so that in my fullness and overflowing, I may genuinely be generous with others.

And most of all… help me to be oh, so tender and gentle with myself as the vulnerable places arise.

May I love myself more deeply, wildly and unconditionally – Every. Single. Day.

May it be so.


This is a long way of asking to release the defenses I have been unaware of, the fear that all of us humans have been run by, the false constructs that have kept us bound and struggling “against” in ways that draw the cords even tighter.

It is a heartfelt crying out to that which is wiser than my personality to unwind it all. To have the courage, fortitude and trust to enter the chamber of death and be reborn. To re-member, re-claim and re-source what is fully alive within my Core and wanting to express.

Through all of the ups and downs, ins and outs of this incredible and sometimes mind blowing journey, one things that has held me steady and allowed me to traverse it with more peace and equanimity and connection to my own inner knowing is to be able to reliably and effectively interface with my own personal energy system. This has been a game changer.

I can show you how.

If that sounds supportive and appealing to you, please join me. We begin in March.

All the details are here.