An Invitation to Sound and Silence

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

Hello Lovely,

I’d like to take you on a delicious, little restorative journey with me.

Imagine if you will… being slowly and gently led down a beautiful sun-lit path through a late summer forest.

The breeze is soft and warm. Birds chitter in the distance.

Your foot falls are muffled, quiet and slow as they move along the soft loam of the woodland floor.

After a bit you begin to notice a clearing up ahead.

As you step curiously forward, a canopy of very tall trees – cedar, fir, madrone, maple and oak – meet and mingle high above your head creating a sense of protective shelter.

Moss, soft and springy yields itself beneath your feet.  

Ferns dance and sway along the edges of the clearing in soft dappled gold and green filtered sunlight.

Roots splay.

Trunks rise, sturdy around you.

The earthy, forest perfume brings rest and release.

Your shoulders drop. Your chest opens

Every fiber of your being relaxes as you breathe it in. Every sense alive and soothed.

And right in the center of the clearing is the most amazing sight – a comfy and colorful nest made especially for you of warm blankets, soft pillows – a sweet, welcoming place to rest your precious body in the lap of the Mother. 


A basin of pure mountain spring water. 

A beautiful natural altar made of stones, flowers, bark, moss, feathers, a large ocean shell, a small cup holding a candle, a metal bowl of water, a single beautiful crystal.

And most welcoming of all is the peace. The restfulness. The feeling of being gently held and beheld outside of time that permeates this sacred space.

As you settle down into your cozy, comfy nest and gently close your eyes the sound of singing, of otherworldly music floats on the breeze all around you. 

It is comforting. Calming.

Your breath slows and lengthens.

Your mind calms.


You are called ever deeper into rest. To let go…  to settle ever more deeply and securely into yourself.

The sound continues for a time… you drift deeper and deeper, maybe fall thoroughly, restoratively asleep.

When the music drifts away into silence you awaken feeling refreshed. Calm. Centered. Coherent.

You take time to savor this with all of your senses. 

You stay quiet.  

Drink some clear sweet water. 

Have a light meal. 

Walk barefoot on the Earth. 

Anoint yourself with sweet smelling oil. 

Curl up and sleep some more. 

Lie in the sun. 

Paint. Draw. Write down any wisdom nuggets that came to you during your Sound Immersion. 

Whatever feels most nourishing and restorative to you. 

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

We all want more time. More space. More quiet and deep, sweet rest in our lives. 

Open space and time to come back to ourselves. To catch up with ourselves.

Time for our bodies to come back into integrous union with our minds, our emotions, our Spirit.

Time to be gently held by the Mother, by the Beneficent and Loving Forces That Be.

Found time – to find ourselves – once again. 

To re-member ourselves.

I cannot give you the woods (yet)… I CAN share with you time, space and a container of sacred sound and silence to utilize in the way that will most serve you this Autumn season.

On a Saturday in October – fully immerse yourself in Sound and Silence.

Join me from the comfy nest of your own home, getaway cabin, or weekend Airbnb for a one day Restorative Sound Immersion Experience.
 October 26, 2019 

All the details and link to register below.

Your Sound and Silence Immersion …

… is designed to meet you exactly where you are in the moment. It will dust you off, smooth the edges and lift you into a more connected, aligned and coherent version of yourself.

It’s simple – You bring your beautiful self, your open heart and mind plus your own intention. 

When:  Saturday, October 26, 2019

Three 45 minute Immersive Sound Healing Sessions. 

 9 am PT

12/noon PT

3 pm PT

Where: The comfort of your own nest at home, cozy cabin or weekend retreat at an Airbnb. 

How: Via internet or phone.
Sessions will be  recorded for re-experiencing all season. 

Financial Investment: $108.

Register here.

 You may want to consider clearing the decks to fully immerse yourself during your Sound and Silence Experience. Shoo the partner and kids away for the day or weekend. Take yourself to a friend’s cabin. Book yourself a little Airbnb out of town. 
Once you’ve registered you will receive an email confirmation. 

Close to the Autumnal Equinox more details will follow, as well as some suggestions for making this a truly restorative, nourishing and satisfying experience just for you.

Will you do me a favor?

 I’d love it if you would share this with anyone you think might long for a delicious dose of rest, restoration and re-membering this Autumn!