An Antidote to Fear and Judgement

An Antidote to Fear and Judgement

In Courage, Soul by Melani Marx

I believe we are meant to bless each others lives – to BE a blessing.

Merriam -Webster defines blessing this way –

  • encouragement
  • the act of words of one that blesses
  • something that helps you or brings happiness
  • a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.

An act of blessing is a vehicle of love.

It is an act of power.

It is an act of hope – an act of faith.

It is an act of encouragement.

Blessing is an act of magic – of transformation – for ourselves and others.

When we choose to bless something or someone versus judging or disparaging it –our leaders, our bodies, our loved ones, those we believe cause us difficulty –  we are appreciating their humanness and elevating both ourselves and them. We are creating space for possibility. Ease. Peace. We are wishing for them happiness and fulfillment.

Just for a moment imagine if every human on the planet were happy, satisfied, peaceful and fulfilled – the fear-driven scramble for power over others and resources would be a distant memory.

Blessing does not mean we are condoning or agreeing with another’s actions. It means we are elevating our thinking and aligning ourselves to a higher possibility and truth.  When we bless we are supporting our own well-being. Our words and thoughts create our own inner ecology and at the end of the day only we have power and dominion over ourselves.

By choosing wether to express love and blessing or judgment and fear we create not only our own inner world – we also contribute powerfully to the larger ecology of our families, our workplace, our cities, our culture and the world. Each of us has this power. It is no small thing.

Driving in traffic, I notice I am feeling impatience at a slow driver. Internally raging that I want them to “follow the rules” and pull into the passing lane sets me into a toxic stew. My pushing energetically at them to do something other than what they are creates a powerful resistance – a stand off.  Dropping back and blessings them, blessing their families and all that they do – blessing the folks who built and maintain the road,  the semi drivers slowly climbing the inclines – wishing them all peace, abundance and safety.  My body relaxes. My breathing looseness. My heartbeat slows. This allows ME to feel peaceful. To arrive at my destination with a light heart. To be in the center of my very being. To feel powerful. To BE powerfully aligned in my thoughts and actions.

Be a  for love, dear one – a channel of blessing – an agent of change.

Be a blessing.