Accessing the Miraculous

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Hello Lovely One! 

Today I’d like to plant a small seed with you. A seed that holds, as all seeds do, the infinite possibility of Miracles, Magic and Wonder. 

On the New Moon this past week I was directed to create an Energy Resonance Session to share with you. The transmission’s intention – To Awaken the Magic Within. To open the inner aperture of possibility to the miraculous. 

I created it. Listened to it. Intended to share it directly, and then Life got full and I got sidetracked.

However, since the New Moon it definitely HAS been having its way with me – loosening up the tightly held places within, bringing sychnronicites, messages and gently showing me the places where I have given up, where my beliefs have calcified around the conviction that nothing can, will ever change. The places where this holding tight has in some fascinating way felt safe, known, certain. 

This shocked me a bit. After all, my stock in trade IS the magical and miraculous.

And – It also made so much sense. I am after all an ever-evolving, expanding being, right smack in the middle of the most expansive time our planet has possibly ever known. I am surfing the edges and riding the waves right along with y’all. 

And each time we experience a raise in our frequency – and this is happening ever more quickly for those of us inhabiting and co-creating with Earth – every single time we expand and transform, that which is not aligned, that which is incompatible arises and comes into our awareness in myriad ways so that we may consciously make a choice.

Is doubt, fear and the unloving stories we unconsciously tell ourselves about ourselves the truth? Will we continue to believe that this is just the way it is? That we have no power over it?

Or will we decide again and again that we are done listening to – and more importantly believing both the subtle and overt lies we have been acculturated and reared with?

The lies that we do not have power. That we are not love. That we do not matter. That we are not absolutely and completely enough exactly the way we are in this moment. And the next. And the next. 

To rest back into the truth – That I am – you ARE miraculous. Magical. Wonder-filled beings. Not just when we think we are – ALWAYS.

And anything is possible.

I wrote a post about miracles and what it takes to be open to them a while back. These words were potent and powerful medicine for me this week. My sense is they may be useful for you as well. 

Are you Miracle Ready?
How to have more miracles… or why we keep ourselves from having what we want.

My heart is gladdened and my spirits lifted in this moment as I imagine each of us aligning to the miraculous and magical nature within ourselves, turning our inner compass headings firmly toward the horizon of possibilities. 

Sensing this aperture of possibility opening wide brings with it a deep and abiding sense of strength, calm and rest. After all – we ARE in this together.

Resonance Energy Session To Awaken the Magic Within – just below.

Resonance Energy Session – To Awaken the Magic Within – meeting you exactly where you are in this moment. 

This Energy Session is powerful, deep and restorative Soul Medicine for our times.

Allowing you to remember and align to the truth that is INSIDE you.

This short yet powerful Energy Resonance Session is designed to support you in connecting to, enlivening and dancing with the frequencies of Harmony, Synchrony, Coherence, Alignment, Miracles, Magic, Wonder and the vastness of Inner Beauty within your entire being.

Washing away the underpinnings of doubt, despair, fear, lack and the siren song of powerlessness. 

Supporting you to re-source and reconnect to the magic and miraculous that IS the Infinite All That Is.

Assisting you to see more clearly.

Stand more firmly and root into your Soul’s clear Light and knowing.

It’s about six and one half minutes long. Let it wash over and through you…

Listen as often as you wish – the affect is cumulative. There is no expiration date. 

Please – Share it freely.

– Open and Receive –

Audio version: Resonance Energy Session for Awakening the Magic Within

“You think what you do must be brilliant.

Ordinary is just fine. Every-day is good.

There is nothing to strive for. No “where” to arrive to.

This moment is everything.

Let yourself sink into the depths of your being – the Love that you are.

Let quiet Mercy enfold you.

Let yourself rest in that today, dear one.

Allow yourself to Rest.

Allow yourself to simply be held – calling on the God of your heart – in the arms of Love. In this moment. In this Now.” 

~ Melani