Melani Marx’s clients come to her already deeply versed in the lessons and currents of wisdom that flow through everyday life. And yet, something has happened that lets them know they’re being called to even more. Working at the level of stories, thoughts, beliefs, and energy, Melani meets her clients in a place of total unconditional acceptance, guiding them as they rise up into their one true spot in the universe.

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The people who come to work with me have been on an inner journey for awhile. They are not new to healing work or inner work. But there is something that is either ‘off’ . . . or something going on in their lives that is asking to be addressed, integrated, or loved. Something inside them is calling them forward. They’ve already done a lot of work to get here. But they know there’s even more.

People who work with me intend to rise into their one true spot in the cosmos.

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