About that Wild Hair?

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

Hello there gorgeous one!

A very quick update on following my “wild hair” moment earlier this week.

To the many, many of you who said, “Yes, me!” Holy wow! I was a bit blown away with soooo many responses. Thank you. Unfortunately I may not be able to respond to each of you personally.

For those of you who have not heard from me yet keep reading. I have a message for you at the end.

I very much enjoyed connecting with and doing the mini transmissions for each of the first 13 lovelies who landed in my inbox with a “Yes.”

Actually it was pure joy. 

And then I went to bed. The flu settled in. I surrendered. 

I set down any ideas of pushing though.

Any worries about the things undone, the deadlines ahead.  

I surrendered to sleep, to dreams, to this rather strange transformative, uncomfortable and purgative process of illness.

Today I trust I have turned a corner. 

Life events, even the flu can take us from one place to another. From one way of being through a doorway into a slightly altered landscape.

Often we have a sense that this is happening. An inner knowing. A flash of awareness out of the back corner of our eye, so to speak. A sense beyond those that exclusively perceive the outer world.

Often the inner sense, the perception at the edges of our awareness are dismissed as imagination. Fantasy. Unverifiable. Not real.

We discount these senses. Doubt our own awarenesses. 

But here’s the thing. We live in a vast multiverse. Humans have been mostly tuned into a very narrow bandwidth of this multi-dimensional reality.

That is changing. We humans are changing. The Earth is changing.

We must each continue to unlearn old, outworn ways of being and re-member ourselves. To follow the inner compass of Soul.

It is time to honor your inner knowing. The tug calling you in a particular direction. The spontaneous, “Yes!” that lights you up inside as well as the pulling back of “No.” 

To trust this inner pull. To trust yourself – especially when it does not “make sense.”

To have a quiet little face to face with Doubt when it arrives – and it will, because that’s its job. To let Doubt know you hear it. To thank it for doing a fine job of alerting you to the fact that you are stepping into the unknown. Living into the gorgeous adventure of Life. 

Then turn from Doubt and call yourself back into yourself, out of the mind and into your body – to the wise belly inner knowing wisdom holding space within you.

Settling in there. Breathing. Remembering. Reconnecting to YOUR deeper truth. The vital life force energy that flows, alive, wise and creative – within you, miraculous one. 

Feeling for the yes or the no. The truth or falsehood. The aliveness or deadness of things. 

Then stepping out in courage in small ways and large. Living the adventure.  Living Life.

Moving out into the world with curiosity.

Coming back inside yourself. Often.

For guidance. For trust. For strength. For rest. For succor.

Deepening this as practice, as dance, as Soul song. As a way of Life.

Oh, yes!

And for those of you who said “Yes, me!” yet were not one of the first thirteen – Thank you again.

I have written all your names on little slips of paper. I have them in a vessel on my altar – a place of love, possibility and wholeness.

As I begin my travels again late this week I will have this handmade vessel in my passenger seat as I travel.

As I drive, when I am moved, I will pull a name connect with you and “Sing Up” your name – in love, in appreciation, as prayer, as blessing, as benediction – for whatever will most support in the moment.  

Thank you all for your good wishes, for playing with me – and with Life!


For a few thoughtful and soothing morsels to nourish, support and restore – keep on scrolling. These are one last repeat… 🙂

This tiny video goes with the words below. Enjoy…

I’ve been spending a lot of time these last many weeks quietly tuning in. 

Listening deeply. 

Observing what is being shown to me on the inside, in the unseen realms, in dream time – then also what is reflected back and confirmed in the outer. 

There are powerful shifts of consciousness pulsing through humanity. Shifting winds blowing, stirring things up. A Divine method to the madness. 

We are in such a powerful unfolding. This is the time to listen intently to what is deeper, wiser – inside. 

Dropping in. 

Breathing into our animal bodies, hands on bellies, rooting firmly into our beloved Gaia…. allowing what wants motion to move like a river going inexorably back to the sea… Be it grief, madness, love, anger, joy. 

Allowing ourselves to BE ourselves. 

Beautiful. Powerful. Fragile. Human. 


Feeling the quiet and powerful communion of Souls transforming the world.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all that you are. All that you do.

It matters.

You matter.

I made this in December… however the words and transmission feel more appropriate and timely than ever.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, close your eyes and open your heart and mind to receive. 

      December 2019 Light Transmission for Restoration and Peace