A Tiny Morsel of Magic for You!

In Courage, Soul by Melani Marx

Hi there beautiful one! 

I’m dropping in tonight with a quick note and a little morsel of magic for you.

Yesterday we had a rather significant New Moon/Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse. And whether you are reading this much later or right in the energies you can still utilize the morsels below, because we can always use a bit of soothing and aligning. 

The reports from the front lines are that the energies have been rather squeezy. Openings present for momentus shift. Opportunities for upleveling right alongside intensity as things coming to “light.”  Lots of “stuff” coming up to sort through.

Just a wee bit unpredictable these last weeks.

You may have been feeling a bit off kilter, a bit frustrated at delays and the unexpectedness of life. You might also be feeling uncertain and unclear about all sorts of things, as well as more ease and flow!

I am here to say that that is simply the energies at play right now –  AND you are not alone in this. They WILL shift. 

The fog will clear.

The path will open up and things will calm once again. 

In the meantime I have something, I consider special for you.

Last night I was on a call with a group of lovely humans who are or have been receiving a stupendous series of activations I facilitate for folks. 
(Curious? Go here.)  Spur of the moment a Sound Healing/Blessing just wanted to burst forth and be expressed to take advantage of this New Moon energy.

I’ve been led to share it with you. I cut and spliced it and honestly the only way I could get it to you left the sound quality not all that wonderful. It is also a tiny yet mighty gem.

What I was shown as I opened to what wanted to come through is that there are seeds within us – seeds already planted, whether we are aware of them or not – some sewn way before we were born. Seeds aligned to our highest purpose and joyful expression. Seeds waiting for the exact right moment to germinate and grow.

A single seed held in the hand may seem tiny and puny. It most assuredly is not. Just like this small sound blessing, a seed holds the blueprint for an entire complex living structure and the entirety of its life cycle and lineage.

Think acorn into mighty oak.

This Sound Blessing is specifically created for those precious seeds within, aligned to our deepest desires and Soul longings. It is intended to feed and nourish them in Divine Right Timing. 

Take a moment or two – breathe and become present.

Intend to open and receive… and then listen. It is very short.

June 2021 New Moon Sound Transmission/Blessing

A few reminders of how to navigate those wonky energies.

Keep everything as simple as possible, dear one.

Take good sweet care of YOU.

This is not the time to make any life changing decisions – because fog!

Keep and foster your sense of humor.

Get outside in Nature.

Do what feels most light- hearted and fun.

Stay present and don’t allow yourself to get too attached to any outcome, story or belief about ANYTHING. Remember things are obscurated right now so we may not know what is truly true. Especially if we believe we are certain!

Breathe. Seriously. Breathe into your belly – cause sometimes we forget to breathe!

Everyone is experiencing these squeezy energies, whether they are aware or not. We are all being influenced by them. So lets be extra kind to ourselves first and foremost and then to the other fallible humans all around us also doing their best.

Want more?

Here are two YouTube videos that many find very helpful and come back to often. 

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