A powerful shearing way

In Soul by Melani Marx

Hello Dear One,

This note is a tad bit unusual.

Partly because I have begun writing it on my iPhone as my laptop is far away being repaired. I have never done this before – write a newsletter on my phone. I actually didn’t even know I could! I am learning this past week to master the art of the work around.

So here we are. My first attempt at something new. In public. Ready to do it imperfectly. Ready to learn. Taking the leap.

I could have just let it go. Not published. Gone to the beach. However I feel deeply compelled to share the following information with you.


Because we are smack dab in the midst of a window of amazing opportunity…

An opportunity to shift. To change our point of view over these next weeks in a way that is not everyday or ordinary.

To transform, transmute, let go in a profound and deep way that which no longer aligns with our highest and best – and the is what I am ALL about.

This has to do with the planetary energies at play including the eclipse patterns we are in the midst of as I write.

The eclipses of August are quite profound. The energies of which will be affecting us throughout the next six months and way beyond. My sense is for the rest of our lives.

Each of us has the precious and powerful opportunity to engage these energies. To make our own “giveaways” whether physical or otherwise.

This time is a tremendous opportunity to gather Courage, Self Compassion and stand strong in your Willingness as you look within. To endeavor to observe yourself with Clarity and Self Love. To make choices to let go of what is keeping you small. To put to rest what is coming into your awareness that is not aligned to the deeper, more expansive truth of who you are.

This is is an opportunity to let go of…

– Self doubt. Distrust of your own inner knowing.

– Doubt about your ability to traverse the path ahead.

– The habitually patterned and expected, turning toward what is truly fulfilling.

– Any fearful projections about the future – because they are ALL based on the past. And that is now firmly behind each of us – except in our own perspective or view.

This is an opportunity to let go of ties that have bound us individually and collectively in mediocrity when our Soul has been calling us to a greater level of our own true genius.

This letting go may translate into changing life long patterns, perceptions, ways of being or behaviors that simply are no longer aligned to where and what your Soul is calling you.

It may show up in the outer circumstances of your lives first and then move inward in reflection or it might arrive as an inner call, a quiet awareness.

It is time now to trust your own Soul’s knowing. To embrace and open to the wise pattern that it holds for your most coherent and aligned unfolding.

It is time to cease seeing circumstances only through the lens of calamity and begin to also see the events of your life illuminated in the glow of what the shearing away, the loss, the difficulty, the challenges may be carrying you, may be carrying all of us toward. A more lightly encumbered, more coherent and aligned version of yourself, of humanity.

We are now preparing for a massive liberation of that which no longer aligns with our highest and best.

We can endeavor to go with the flow and utilize this opportunity with consciousness and celebration or resist the flow. However Life, the River, the energies at play, the tidal flow itself will carry us there along with the rest of humanity.

We can call on support – a Higher Power, the unseen in the forms of guides and allies, our higher selves, our fellow humans – in letting go. Support is here. Remembering however that we must ask for it, invite it in and open to how it may arrive and lift us up.

There is a lot that has been said about the eclipses, however this audio recording from Laura Walker of the Oracle Report, who I have been following for a while now, is so clear and concise I want to share it with you.

Not only does Laura  give you some of the essence of what is taking place, she shares a powerful way of working WITH these energies for our own personal transformation.

Before you listen, however, I want to give you a spot of info so that you have some frame of reference as you take in what she has to share.

Laura’s view of astrology and what is unfolding in the world is through the lens of the Gnostic cosmology or point of view.

One of the references she makes is to the Archons. To be very brief the archontic energies, in my understanding, are those of misperception, misunderstandings and obscuration of Universal Truths. These are the energies and perceptions that “enslave,” sidetrack and prevent us from rising up into our own inner authority, inner autonomy, fully living into our truest most whole selves.

In the Gnostic view they are the shadow energies of Gaia Sophia herself, the Soul of the World – the Divine Feminine. During this time in history Gaia Sophia is in the process of reclaiming her Shadow. This is the Second Renaissance. There is much more to this, however this bit will help you understand the gist of what she is sharing.

The first minute may not make a lot of sense if you are not familiar with the Gnostic cosmology or Laura. However if you are endeavoring to step into a bigger, truer version of yourself – keep listening I think you will find what she is sharing compelling, personal and illuminating. The entire recording is eight minutes.

Here is the link to Laura’s audio recording.

Here is the link to the Oracle Report itself  You may find it informative to scroll down to Monday, August 7, which is the day of the lunar eclipse and begin reading there, scrolling up until you reach today.

Here is another link with tips for viewing the eclipse.

This week  as I was working with the One Season group I was given the image of gathering all of the outdated points of view, self limiting beliefs, stories, inner conversation, etc into a basket and ice gathered lifting them toward the light of the Sun. Asking that they be transformed, transmuted, illuminated so that we might claim inner freedom and liberation, stepping more firmly into the truest version of who we are as individuals – for ourselves and for the Whole.

May you be blessed on your journey my friend. May you be deeply and infinitely blessed.

Here’s to awakening, liberation and illumination.