A Most Glorious Demolition 

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and amazing human!

Today is Independence Day here in the US.

As with all things in life there are multiple layers and a multi-dimensional aspect to everything.

In the outside world this is the anniversary and commemoration of the death of the British held American colonies and the birth of the Unites States of America.

There is the initial shift in consciousness – from having one human, a king, making the rules for all the other humans to the birth of a country with the ideal of a more consensus driven and equitable structure that serves the many. Which like all shifts in consciousness is ongoing and ever expanding.

And there is also the human imperative to continually express and expand the freedom to be ALL that one truly is. 

This is coming to mind today especially as I have been having conversations with clients, friends, family members and even strangers about the intensity of the energies moving through the planet – and because we are not separate from our Mother, the Earth, the energies moving through and having thier way with each and every one of us. 

Some of us are much more sensitive, aware and affected by the massive shifts in frequency we have collectively been experiencing the last weeks and that have amped up even further the last few days.

Some are less so and simply feel off, tired, emotional, edgy. 

Some are fluctuating with happiness and the joy of what is new and exciting as well as the heavier emotions of grief, uncertainty, overwhelm.

I speak about the nature of transformation and transformative energies often because – 

A – It is the soup within which we are collectively swimming here on planet Earth for the last decade plus.

B – Quite frankly I am fascinated by transformation, the nature of reality, how the the human psyche works, our inner drive for Wholeness and the realization of our Divinity.

This conversation about transformation bears repeating because when we are in the midst of high emotion, physical discomfort, transition and upset we forget. 

We forget how connected we are to the Whole of humanity, the Earth herself and to the All. 

We forget because we humans drop into deep, unconscious, body centric survival patterns, that became hardwired pre-verbaly and then reinforced through similar experiences as we matured. 

In other words we drop into our default settings. 

We forget because our view narrows when we are distressed and we are unable to see or remember the bigger picture at work inwardly as well as in the outer. 

We forget because we are on the planet of forgetting. We humans are prone to forget even in the midst of our re-membering. 

We forget that in order to experience true inner freedom, all that is unaligned to that, all that is resonating in in-coherence, all that is limiting the fullest expression of freedom and our intrinsic holy Wholeness must unwind.

This, fellow journeyer is what we are in the midst of. This global initiation, transformation, hero and heroines journey is each of us unwinding all that inhibits our fullest expression of our own Soul’s song. 

Back to the intensity of the energies at play right now.

Here are five “things” I am aware of that are a factor in this uptick in frequency – which by the way is the most significant I have yet to experience in my lifetime. 

(A quick note about frequency – Frequency is both light and sound. When the frequency of an organism is elevated all that is incompatible or not in coherence with the new higher “vibe” is liberated. A higher and more coherent frequency creates greater health and intra-communication for any organism, including humans.)

One – 

Solar activity is at a 20 year high. Massive sunspot and coronal activity has been increasing the last many months. This has a profound affect on our human bodies and our psyches – interrupting sleep patterns, causing psychological distress and more. 

Humans are in essence electrical beings. 

This electrical energy originates with the Sun in our solar system and combines with the magnetics of the Earth to create our electro-magnetic field. Our electro-magnetic field is the very thing that enlivens our physical body. When our physicality dies, our electro-magnetic field dissolves.  

Two –

The Schumann Resonance, which is created by electromagnetic waves caused by lighting strikes and solar activity has been shifting.  The Schumann Resonance  at 7.83 Hertz  is the natural frequency of the Earth herself. This frequency is deeply healing to humans and has been well documented. We humans are literally walking, breathing, living Earth. 

The Schumann Resonance can fluctuate with storm and solar activity and this frequency has been fluctuating and increasing in frequency over the last week to 10 days. 

When I was shown a photo of the symatics of this it was a clarifying moment.  I immediately knew that the frequency I was being shown matched what I was observing and experiencing in my body. 

Studies have shown that when there are increases in the Schumann Resonance it correlates with higher blood pressure and fluctuations in heart rate. 

Three – 

Another factor in this increase of intensity for so many is the planetary movements and alignments taking place at this time. The planetary shifts and changes also affect us through electromagnetism and work in unconscious and archetypal ways with our psyches. 

These planetary alignments and transits speak to deep foundational, bedrock emotional and behavioral patterns are being excavated and brought to the surface for increased awareness, integration and healing. A massive purge so to speak as we prepare for the new foundational patterns being laid for the next chapter of humanity.

This means childhood patterns set in motion by our original caregivers and the events we experienced in our earliest years, including birth. Aspects of Self and emotions we have buried or left behind. Traumas. Fixed beliefs not based in present moment awareness are all part of what is surfacing both consciously and unconsciously.


We just had a massive very close to the Earth Super Full Moon in Capricorn. I’ve been feeling it for days.

The Moon rules emotions, feelings, the personal self and the unconscious. It also correlates to the mother who is our first caregiver and the human relationship that has the most profound and unconscious effect on our psyches. Sleep cycle disruption, emotional tsunamis, beliefs around worth, nurturing, lovability, etc are some of the common themes to surface. 

Five – 

And. This juicy little tid-bit. 

Scientists have been hearing a frequency coming across the galaxy that they believe is the collision of two black holes! My understanding is that this is how universes are born. Holy amazement! And again frequency which is what we are and are affected by.  

The song of the birth of galaxies quietly singing to our energetic and atomic sub-particles as we each birth a new chapter, Self, life. 

As humanity itself births new structures as the old paradigm crumbles and falls away. 

The death of one form as another is birthed. As above so within. 

This is the nature of Life herself.

So when you feel like things are careening out of control, you feel unsettled, overcome, overwhelmed, overstimulated by Life, perhaps take a moment to stop and breathe. 

Drop deeper into your body, your well of knowing and endeavor to remember…

What an extraordinary undertaking we humans are actually in the midst of here on this glorious planet!

Remember who you are. 

Remember why and what you are actually doing here. 

What you have called and are calling into your own life. Your hopes. Your dreams. The things in the midst of coming into creation and form.

Because all that is in disarray, all that is having its way with you is the deconstruction of what is constricting you, consciously, though most likely unconsciously.

What is too tight, outworn, unaligned to your heart’s deepest longing and your most heartfelt prayers for your life is being transmuted and transformed. 

This is the glorious demolition of what is inhibiting the fullest and freest expression of your Soul’s imperative.

This is cause for celebration. And for the recognition of your own birthing process. 

This is the time for exquisite self care. For self appreciation, for kindness and compassion for oneself. For resting and allowing the River within to flow on carrying whatever is ready to go downstream. 

This is no small thing you and I are doing, dear one. 

It is nothing less than birthing a New Earth consciousness from the inside out.

Ride the Wave – Utilizing the Energies at Play

Please join me – next week on Wednesday, July 12th.

We will gather and rest in community as I share…

~ Insights about the current and coming energies we will be collectively swimming in

~ Ways to work with and utilize these powerful transformative energies

Simple and highly effective tools

~ A timely and a potent energy healing sound transmission to align to and utilize the energies at play exactly for you.

There will be time for Q&A.

All to support you along your inner and outer journey. 

Can’t make it live? Everything will be recorded. 

I look forward to being with you next week. 

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