A Magnificent Show 

In Celebration by Melani Marx

One of those moments…

One morning not all that long ago I woke up to amazement peeking through the windows as I sleepily walked into my living area, fresh from sleep.

Still in my nightie, I went outside into the snowy morning to see the above as I turned around and looked back toward my tiny nest.
After enjoying the sky – A.K.A: singing, dancing, oohing and awe-ing – for some time, I walked back inside and wrote what is below. 

Reflecting on the Mystery and synchronistic Magic that has brought me to this little cottage, in a small town in a valley nested between two magnificent mountain ranges. 
Ruminating on the exquisite timing that operates within the fabric of Life. 
Even when everything feels bleak, flat. When the land of the Unknown is everywhere.
Even when overwhelm is sitting at the table. 
Even when crazy didn’t begin to sum up the events taking place. 
Even when despair sat beside me and settled in for a good long visit. 

When we are in the dark forest it’s impossible to truly see the big picture. 
The Magic working under the soil. 
The support that is carrying us. 
The alchemy taking place within our being. 
The perfection of the unfolding. Step by step. 
And then.

A morning comes.

The sky puts on a magnificent show just for you.

And the deep truth that a corner has been turned settles into every cell. 
That something far, far beyond the comprehension of a human mind has taken place. 
All the heaviness that has been carried for lifetimes has fallen away. 
It is a new day. 
And the hard labors have been rewarded richly. If simply in THIS moment. 
Singing blessings and love across the aether to you.

Sing with me.

This song is one of the most healing and beautiful songs I know.

I have been known to listen to it on repeat.

It is a beautiful one to sing along to. 

May it sweep you up into the arms of Love and Safety. 

A few last words…. 
Please remember, dear one  – 

To take some time every day….

To sit and breathe deep into your belly. 
To sing songs to yourself. 
To humm and dance. 
To shake and bounce on your toes.
To slow down and allow yourself to integrate all that is going on.
To do absolutely nothing – if only for five minutes. 
To notice the beauty around you.
To eat and enjoy delicious foods your body loves. 
To come back to your Center as often as you remember.

To tuck yourself sweetly into bed at night.
To hold yourself very lovingly, very gently and oh, so very kindly. 
To say out loud three times – “I love my Life. I love my body. I love myself.” 
To savor the small moments.
May every single day bring you the sweetest gifts of Wonder, Magic and Beauty…  

And when you see them may you remember that these are magnificent reflections of your own amazing Self.