A madness that overtook me…

In Soul by Melani Marx

This morning I opened a book for inspiration as I do every so often when I want a quick little message from the Universe, my Higher Self, Source.

Below is the page I turned to from To Be Soul. Do Soul. By the beautiful and wise Hiro Boga.

As I read the message I became rather emotional. Each word like a punch to the gut, or a bell ringing, bringing me back to the simplicity of the unwinding I have been in the process of for many years now.

Sometimes the sucking mud that is the habit of over-responsibility – for those I love, for my beautiful clients, for those who read the words or listen to the energy sessions that come through me, for all the other inhabitants of this planet, for the planet herself, yes, for the entire friggin’ Cosmos – becomes a veil that weighs me down, at times seemingly nearly impossible to extricate myself from.

This is a habit that has deeply woven into my bones.

The force of it sometimes steals my breath away.

It is insidious and subtle.  Confusing and sometimes difficult to discern what is appropriate and what is not.

Who is leading here? My Soul’s call to Freedom? Or my mind’s deeply inculturated programing?

One thing I do know – my mind does not have the answers, no matter what it says. I cannot “figure this out.” That particular stance is only another labyrinthine trap of confusion and misunderstanding wrapping in on itself.

It is only when I truly stop.

Drop out of my mind and into my body. All of my attention on my breath as I breathe through my heart. Call myself back to myself. Fill my entire being – including the larger energy structure that surrounds me  – with the luminous light of my Soul, that the suck of the mud, the false premises of ego/ personality fueled hyper-responsibility fall away. Quiet.

The madness that had overtaken me slips away like mist on a sunny spring day.

Clarity and discernment come to sit with me, take up residence, hold my hand.

The simpleness of each breath steadies me.

After a bit, the next small step arises and I take it. Whatever that is.

This is not just the personal work of a lifetime, though it is that too. This is deep Soul work. It is the shifting of a paradigm. An unwinding.

Not just for me. This is true for each of us human-beings as we let go of the patterns, beliefs and structures that have enslaved us for eons. Release the shackles woven of the stories, the ways of being that have kept us small and compliant, bowed over and burdened.

The shifting of tides is upon us, love. We are in the thick of it. Now is the time.

What is the story you are alchemizing deep in your own being? Turning from lead to gold in the fire of your precious Life? What are threads linking that story that are bubbling up into your own awareness? Wanting your attention, love, acceptance and discernment?

Whatever it is I am here with you.

This is your beautiful contribution to the Whole. It is enough. It is more than enough.

As are you.

With this burning in my being I made a Full Moon Resonance Session for us today. May it support this unraveling as it supports you to come back to this moment. To your own inner wisdom. To the Truth – inside you.

Listen to the Full Moon Resonance Session by clicking here.

To Light.    To Love.    To Life.