A grand tidal shift

In Soul by Melani Marx

Last night was not only a Full Blood Moon it was also the longest full lunar eclipse we will have in this century. Even though it was not visible from my home in North America I spent time tuning in and listening to what the significance of this event was.

As part of my preparation for a Transformational Energy session for the Summer One Season group yesterday morning, I went to my favorite listening spot by the ocean and sat. It is always simpler for me to “hear” and open to receive insight, guidance and information when I am sitting or lying on the Earth feeling my full connection to Nature and the natural world.

Sitting on the earth tuning into the ocean. Feeling them both.

Opening …

As I sat I asked to receive any information about this eclipse event that would be useful and/or supportive.

Below is a bit of information that came in.

It feels like a grand tide shift. A demarcation line of sorts.

There is a sense that we are in a boat moving from one godd size body of water into another larger one. Fresh water to ocean. And in order to traverse this – to accomplish it – we must pass through locks.

It is as if we are in this narrow and confined space of the lock. The water is being increased. We are in the boat floating and rising with the water.

This is not in our control. We have given over to something larger and wiser in the ways of this transition to move us from the smaller body of water – that has been very contained and finite – into the more vast one.

We are now, this morning quietly waiting for the last bit of water to rise and for the locks to open so we can sail out into a bigger more expansive experience of life after the energies of the eclipse.

Firmly connecting us the larger cycle of life.

Moving out of lack.  Out of the the small body of water.

Moving into the larger more limitless body that is all connected.

The small body of water has simply become too restrictive. Energies are bouncing around in chaos. Polarity.

This movement into the larger oceanic waters that connect all peoples, all oceans, all continents is in perfect right timing.

This is the natural movement and flow of things. The next appropriate step.

This particular eclipse is taking us into the passageway from the lake, from restriction into oceanic Oneness.

This is the movement from believing ourselves to be separate and limited beings to the increasing recognition that we are indeed all connected and part of the One – each of us a unique expression of Source, valued, valuable and intrinsic to the Whole.

Each of us so much more than this physical expression of form.

Each of us – all of humanity – standing solidly in the birthright, the knowing of our intrinsic worthiness and wholeness.

The event of this July’s Full Lunar Eclipse being the opening of the lock and the movement out into the final passage that will allow us to move into the ocean itself.

How can you connect to the flow, the energies of this movement?

Make a decision to do just that, then hold that intention with an open mind and heart. Noticing what you notice and making course corrections when needed.

Spend time in Nature connecting to and being with the natural world. Lying on the Earth. Swimming in the waters.

Connect to what brings you joy and do more of that.

Practice kindness, unconditional love and open-hearted acceptance toward all aspects of your self.

Listen to the Resonance Energy Session I made for you this morning resounding with this intention.

Click Here to Listen to the July 2018 Full Moon Resonance Session (Audio Only)

Watch the video version below:


” In order to have a miracle, a miraculous life – we absolutely must be ready for one. We must gently and kindly open and relax our clenched hands, our hearts and our minds so there is a place for one to land.

We must be willing to die to who we are in this moment in order to be in a state of grace and openness for the miracle we are praying for to arrive in the next.

It is essential that we be ready and willing to let whatever ideas about the way things are, should be, could be or are not – simply fall away. Let go. Dissolve.”  – Melani