Private Transformational Sound Sessions with Melani

For individuals, families or couples wishing to get to the roots of the patterns that are driving disfunction, dis-ease and dis-order in their lives so they can experience more health, wholeness, fulfilment and inner freedom.



Transformational Sound Healing Sessions will support you to let go of subconscious patterns, beliefs and stories that have been limiting your ability to create and live your most Whole and authentic Soul-aligned life.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Ancestral and familial stories that come down the DNA.

  • Personal experiences from birth and early life that created distress and separation from your sense of Wholeness.

  • Cultural constrictions and embedded narratives about what is appropriate and what is not.




The human body is always desiring to move into greater balance and homeostasis – striving to resolve anything that is in disharmony.

Transformational Sound Sessions are profoundly effective in bringing greater resolution, relief, health and Wholeness to your entire system.

Working with the science of frequency, vibration and resonance Melani uses tuning forks, gemstone crystal bowls and other proven methods that will support your energetic blueprint to come back into a clearer more resonant pattern of Wholeness.

Dissonance in the energy field is recognized, read and brought to greater resolution. More is explained about this as you experience the session. Most folks find this illuminating and helpful.




What folks have reported after receiving Transformational Sound Sessions:

  • A lightening in their energy and mood.

  • Less physical pain and/or resolution of physical issues.

  • Feeling less fear and anxiety and that their level of overall stress has diminished.

  • Feeling more energy and having a greater sense of ease in moving forward in their lives.

  •  Experiencing greater mental clarity and a quieter mind.

  • More creative flow and inspiration.

  • Greater overall confidence.

  • More connected to and greater trust in their intuitive knowing.

  • An easier time making decisions.

  • An ability to let go of unhealthy habits with more ease.

  • Resolution of PTSD and past trauma

  • Relief from migraines and headaches.

  • Better and deeper sleep

  • Freedom from patterns that have been holding them back from moving forward in areas where they have been stuck for a long time.


Transformational Sound Sessions are available at a distance by phone.


Individual –  sessions are available as a series of three.

Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length and is recorded. A link to download an MP3 recording will be sent after the session.

It is advisable to book sessions about a week apart. You will want to be in a distraction free environment and optimally lying down as if you are on my treatment table.


Investment – $900

Pay here.





Couples – Our energy fields –  or human biofields – contain our history. When we are in relationship or partnership with another, over time we interlock our energy fields. In the overlapping fields of the partnership, wherever there are limiting patterns, negative beliefs, past painful events or resistance it will show up as static, dissonance or disharmony in the energy field.  This work addresses these patterns in the relational field of the couple and allows them to come into greater harmony and resolution.

Couples sessions are booked as single sessions and are approximately 75 minutes in length. They are recorded. A link to download the MP3 recording will be sent after the session.

Investment – $375

Pay here




Families –  A family’s shared ancestral history may contain deeply stressful, traumatic and intense situations such as famine, the Great Depression, war, emigration, etc. These are passed down in the DNA, present in the energy field and often create limits on each individual’s full expression and potential. These family patterns repeat themselves and though they did not originate with you, they can be very difficult to resolve using ordinary methods.  This work loosens up challenging patterns within the family and supports the family to move into healthier and life enhancing patterns.

The family session is approximately 75 minutes in length and is recorded. A link to download an MP3 recording will be sent after the session

Investment – $425

Pay here





Animals – Many species of domestic animals have suffered at the hands of humans or experienced traumatic events.  These may have been experienced in the individual animal’s life or they might have been transmitted down through the DNA as ancestral patterns of trauma and misuse or as is often the case – both. This can present as fear of loud noises, skittishness around humans or strangers, behaviour difficulties, chronic stress conditions, etc.


Please email me here with any questions you might have and/or a request to schedule a complimentary 15 minute Discovery Session.


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With infinite blessings of love and joy,