One Season


The frozen stiffness and unyielding face of Winter is finally giving way to the rush and swirl of melting runoff and swollen rivers.


Ice is breaking up. The flow is high, mighty and gaining speed. Energy that has been frozen, clogged, sticky, straining to break free is now moving and is taking previous restrictions along with it. Trees are starting to wake up. The sap is rising. Days are steadily lengthening and the welcome sun feels warmer. Birds are begining to nest and call for their mates. Spring is finally on its way and the changes, though subtle are palpable and welcome.


It’s been a big Winter, hasn’t it? Soooo much is shifting and changing in the world. And it is not just outside it is also on the inside. I am decidedly not the same person I was at Winter Solstice. Neither are my clients or the beautiful participants of the Winter One Season group.


To say things are moving very fast at the moment would be a gross understatement.


There is an enormous falling away taking place for each one of us – individually as well as in the collective.


Simultaneously occurring amidst the chaos of this falling away, is the structuring of a wider and deeper foundation for something that is fresh, new and as yet undiscovered – unknown. Something stronger and more Soulfully directed. It is like nothing we have experienced before.


This new foundation is being assembled underneath the chaos. Can you feel it?


This is a process that will continue to take place for several more years – a restructuring of the very fabric and a falling away of outdated structures that have gotten us this far – but are too cumbersome to take us further. They are no longer sustainable. They are simply not able to carry us as we move into something new. Something more expansive. Something that supports the Whole.


There are planetary alignments taking place now and in the next few years that many astrologers are not certain have ever happened before. All supporting this new foundation. There are new planets that have been “discovered” and seen in the last few years. With the awareness of these planets also comes new archetypal energies into play that have not been in human consciousness before. All of these are supporting us in the birthing of this new foundation.


We are off the know map in so many ways. And it is not just the “weird and woo” saying this. Some very respected deep thinkers in many fields all over the globe are aware that nothing in the past, nothing in history can tell us where we are going or what will likely happen at this juncture. We are in a completely new place with more possibilities than we can even begin to imagine. Because we certainly have never been here before!


This is a truly extraordinary time to be alive.


We are being carried along on a fast moving river of change.




There are enormous opportunities for personal growth and huge transformation available now that can lift you up and on to your next level of experience – whatever that may be for you personally and/or professionally.


And – As is always the case when big transformative energies are at play in the world – the possibility of spinning out and experiencing frustration and confusion in an eddy of murkiness and obscuration is also present.


As we reach upward for the luminous gold of transformation we are also simultaneously sorting through the detritus and debris of our past experiences, perceptions, familial history, stories and beliefs that are below us.

This is the very nature of Transformation.


We must sort through and integrate what has come before in order to release the constrictions that no longer serve so that we may move into a more expansive and possibility filled landscape.


Now –


What if you could somehow tap into these energies in a way that lifted you up and supported you to maximize this potential for your own growth and transformation?


What if you are able to personally align to these BIG energies, planetary and otherwise afoot, in a way that brings you more ease and fluidity as you move into your next upward spiral?


Imagine what it would feel like to be held in loving support as you release those internal constrictions and soften resistance – all the while connecting to that next highest potential outcome?





Here is my invitation to you…


Tap into and utilize the powerful transformative energies at play in this next potent season of the year in a way that brings you greater ease, flow and stability.


Receive crystal clear alignment to the exact processes you, your Higher Self and your Soul’s own knowing are calling you toward.


Can you feel the power in that?


The container we will be using is one I have created, tested and developed over the last two years. One that I have used for myself and a few private clients that has created profound – and in many cases – dramatic results.


The time has come for me to offer this same strong container of support to you and others in a small group format.


And by small – I do mean small. Eleven participants max. This allows for an intimate, safe and personalized experience of guidance, growth, healing and transformation for each person.


“I feel like I am being held in exactly the way I need to be held.”



“The size of the group has really served me. I can’t get lost and I can’t hide. The smallness required me to step out of being an observer and into truly showing up in ways I have not done before – that has been valuable”




Here is a sense of what it will look like…


Three months of strong and powerful support.


Each month we will gather –


Participate in two live calls each month. To support your journey we will be following the ebb and flow of the Moon’s cycles. Yes, they will be recorded for later listening as well. In the Summer group one of the participants regularly took part by simply listening to the calls later.


During the first call we will gather via phone or internet connection for a 75 minute Group Transformative Healing Session. These sessions will be close to the New Moon and will tap into the themes that the collective wisdom of the group brings forth for healing and liberation.


Tuesday, March 28 – Tuesday April 25 – Thursday, May 25


Two weeks later, calling on the illumination of the Full Moon, we will gather for a 90 minute Interactive Gathering via phone that will begin with grounding, centering and coming back into communion with your own Soul’s Essence. We will have plenty of time for check-ins, questions, personal support and healing work. We will finish with an energy session to enhance support, ease, rest and to work with any themes that have shown up in the group’s conversation.


Tuesday, April 11 – Tuesday, May 9 – Thursday, June 8

All live calls will be held at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET


“What is going on for me is so vast, deep, big and intense. The container of this group is made to hold the process. I don’t feel any restrictions. I feel as though I am discovering and strengthening a new foundation for my life. I am so glad I said “Yes!” to this group – it has been a major support for me.”


“I love the spaciousness of the format. It is just the right amount of engagement. I never feel like this is one more something “I have to do.” I don’t feel intimidated about showing up. I truly have had the opportunity to show up authentically and be fully met exactly where I am.”


“I am amazed that every one of us is coming from such a different place, yet there are powerful common themes that are running throughout. Every time I listen to someone else share and observe their process it touches a chord and deepens my own.”



Additional support you will receive includes –


  • A powerful Soul Elixir – made specifically for the group to support you individually and carry you from now until Spring Equinox. Soul Elixirs are a combination of plant and gemstone essences enhanced and infused with the co-creative frequencies of the gemstone crystal bowls. This will be sent to you via USPS.

“I just started taking the Soul Elixir and I feel as though my internal blueprint is being rewired!”


  • An Mp3 recording of a powerful energy session featuring gemstone crystal bowls created and designed specifically to support you throughout your own personal seasonal journey – anytime, anywhere.


Many clients listen to these energy sessions nightly as they fall asleep to support them in releasing resistance and aligning to the flow of their own Soul’s highest purpose and wisdom.


  • Additional Distance Energy work done on your behalf that will support your individual alignment with the planetary energies, your own intentions for yourself, as well as create a strong container for health, wholeness and transformation with ease and flow – all within the time frame of the Winter Solstice through the Spring Equinox.


“I can feel the strong net of energetic support that is holding me. It is palpable.”



“This is not like other groups I have been a part of. I love the multi-dimensional aspect of it. It truly feels like all the bases are covered. I can’t think of anything I’d add or take away.”


“The centering and grounding parts of the calls have been very powerful for me. It is one of my own challenges and you come at it in a different way every time – that has helped me a lot.”


“There is a comfort here that allows for more vulnerability and deep sharing because this is such a safe and solid container. I am able to do my own personal work in a deep way AND be held in the context of a group standing with me – each one doing their own deep inner work.”



If harnessing and working in harmony with the powerful energies at play between now and the Summer Solstice resonates with your heart, mind and Soul…


If the notion of opening more fully to yourself and moving into the expansive energies of Summer in a very different place than where you are at this moment – even beyond what you can currently imagine – resonates with you – then join me for this extraordinary and rare opportunity.


Transformation IS happening. Now is the time to become more of exactly who you were always meant to be.




Registration for One Season – Spring is now closed.


To be on the Early Interest list and receive first notification when enrolment opens for Summer 2017 please click here. 



Have questions about whether this is right for you? Great. Contact me and let’s have a conversation. I’m always delighted to speak with you.