Experiencing Your Wholeness

Group Distance Transformational Healing Series

For individuals committed to living the fullest possible expression of their own Soul’s Essence – in this lifetime.


What is Wholeness?

In a few words –

Wholeness is the freedom to be who you truly are and do what it is you came here to do.

Wholeness is aligning fully to your innate purpose and knowing you are deeply connected to and supported by the Unity of All That Is.

Wholeness is knowing that all of your needs are met. You are safe. You are enough. You are expressing your own innate genius.

And the truth is –  

You are already Whole.


The “problem,” if there is one, is that at the deepest of levels you’ve forgotten or been talked out of living your fullest innate expression of Wholeness.

As a species, all of us humans have long-standing, deeply embedded patterns and beliefs that have created a sense of separation from Divine Source, our own Essence, Oneness and the Whole.

This can leave you with a sense that you are missing out on something essential, that you are somehow deficient, even feeling frustrated that there is something invisible keeping you from having what you want. Something that you just haven’t yet been able to shift or release or get to.  Because if you knew how you already would have!

In Transformational Sound Sessions the work done here is more of an uncovering or a remembering.  

It is calling back the luminous, resourceful, beautiful genius that you already are at Core level.

It is releasing the distorted patterns embedded in your personal energy field.



The Transformational Sound Healing Series supports you to let go of subconscious patterns, beliefs and stories that have been limiting your ability to create and live your most Whole and Soul-aligned life.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Ancestral and familial stories that come down the DNA.

  • Personal experiences from birth and early life that created distress and separation from your sense of Wholeness.

  • Cultural constrictions and embedded narratives about what is appropriate and what is not.


The human body is always desiring to move into greater balance and homeostasis – striving to resolve anything that is in disharmony.

These sessions are profoundly effective in bringing greater resolution, relief, health and Wholeness to your entire system.

Working with the science of frequency, vibration and resonance Melani uses tuning forks, gemstone crystal bowls and other proven methods that will support your energetic blueprint to come back into a clearer more resonant pattern of Wholeness. More will be explained about this as you experience the sessions. Most folks find this illuminating and helpful.



~ Upcoming Programs ~ 




The Freedom Series

What would it mean to experience more freedom in your life?

How would that look?

What might it feel like?

Would it mean being able to say a big, “Yes!” to the things you really want to be doing in your life?

Saying a clear, “No! ” to the people, places and things you don’t?

Would it mean less physical pain?

More energy?

More joy?

Freedom is as personal as each person who experiences it.


Blog2 7.23.15

This is for you if you are ready to…


  • Experience yourself in a new way.

  • Loosen the grip that fear, anxiety and stress have had on your life.

  • Enjoy a greater sense of overall freedom.

  • Experience more confidence and trust in yourself, the Universe and Life itself.

  • Have greater mental clarity and enjoy a quieter mind.

  • Experience a more positive mental outlook as you move about your day.


“This work is profound, powerful and it works.

I have worked with Melani for years and this is her best offering yet.
Melani’s compassion, acceptance of all people and Love really come booming through in these sessions.

I have noticed powerful, personal and family stories give way to new perspectives,
new creativity in my problem solving abilities and my encounters with “life” moving more easily.

I am open to more possibilities.This work providesvisible “real world” results.”

Paul Jensen

~ ~ ~

Read more and register here.



Q. What if I’d like to do this work privately with you?

A. Absolutely!  Working in a group is powerful and beneficial because there are commonalities of experience that we all share as humans –particularly when we come together as a group for a specific and common purpose of liberation and transformational healing. In fact many people choose to do both group and private sessions to support their own transformational healing process.

When working in  a private format the focus is entirely on you and your own unique set of circumstances, challenges, history, issues and intentions for your life.

There is a flow of conversation during the session that speaks to what is showing up as distortion in the energy field as it is acknowledged and released. This is deeply personal as well as liberating and healing.

You can find more information about Private Transformational Sound Sessions right here.

Q. What might I expect?

A. In January I introduced a new offering through invitation only. It was  a Group Event called Living Your Wholeness – Stepping Over the Threshold –A Sound Healing Event.  The format of this series is very similar to the January event.

I asked participants to fill out a brief survey to give me some feedback.

  • 80% of participants felt energy moving in their body during the session.

  • 100% of participants felt they received value and benefit from the session.

  • About 70% of participants listened to the call live. Approximately 60% listened live and also listened to the recording.

  • Many people experienced a lightening in their energy and mood.

  • Some reported less physical pain.

  • Many participants reported they felt less anxiety and that their level of stress had diminished.

  • Many participants shared that they felt more energy and greater ease in moving forward in their lives.




Here are just a few responses from January’s participants.


“I just want to thank you for the group healing session you facilitated. I couldn’t make it live but listen to the session the next day.

It was incredibly powerful and created such a positive change in my energy.

I was so unhappy and stuck and within a day after listening to the session it all lifted. It’s like a complete about-face. I really can’t thank you enough.”


“I was surprised by how much I loved the sense of being in the group energy.

The session was awesome.

I felt a ton of energy shifting and moving.”


“This morning when I got out of bed….

>>> I felt lighter
>>> I felt clearer
>>> I felt space within my beingness … cleared chakras my guides tell me!
>>> I felt wide eyed and filled with wonder
>>> I felt as if I can now begin anew … and take on some projects that I have been setting aside

To sum it up ……

>>> I felt re-aligned … re-centered … and whole !!!

FANTASTIC ………… Thank you so much for sharing your gifts”


“This session had a remarkable impact on my life that is still unfolding.

I am clearer, stronger, more centered, more grounded, more focused, more energetic, sleeping better, more joyful, less attached, less stressed, more grateful.

Thank you, Melani, for the gift of you.”




Inaugural January Session

Get complimentary access to the inaugural January session as my guest, by filling in your name and email address below.  As soon as you’ve done that, you’ll see the session link on the page below.  You’ll also receive an email message that includes the link to the session.



Learn more about and register for the newest Freedom Series here.


Please note: This work is contraindicated if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or have cancer – Please email Melani here with any questions or concerns about whether this work is right for you.

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