DNA Activations

Hello, over there. You’ve found this work, and I’m glad. Whether a friend has sent you here, or you saw the link and got curious, a warm welcome to you. I’m delighted you found your way here.

Over more than a decade, thousands of people have received these DNA Activations. This work is unlike anything I’ve done before (and believe me, I’ve done a lot!). It changes people’s lives in extraordinary ways. The range of ways people are helped and supported by this work is humbling, and heartening to witness. As always, my skills keep evolving as I facilitate this subtle yet powerful work for others.

Though I have been facilitating this work for awhile, I notice it growing in popularity and reaching more people. I love watching what people experience as they move through this process – it’s fascinating!

This energy work is done remotely on your behalf, taking place over a series of months. I will email you information, reminders and other support while your activation is occurring to help you stay connected to your own process.

This Potentiation process has been incredible! I am becoming a different person. More insightful, clear and mature. I have come to several important realizations about myself and my life. Thank you! KM, Arizona

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