Energy Alignment With Melani

Dear Beautiful and Amazing One,

I know you want more of your Self. More of that deep creative, alive, truest, inner you that you know is there. Somewhere. I know you want to live an authentic, soulful life. You want to feel whole and healthy and finally, yes, finally, show up and share all your gifts and talents with the world. You want to share the brilliance of who you are – the brilliance only you can deliver, in whatever way you choose to show up. You know there is something you need to bring to the world. Something that only you can. And dear one, we all need you to do just that.

You’ve been feeling a sense of urgency, lately.  You’ve tried other methods, done lots of work on yourself and still you’re not moving forward in the way you want. Maybe you still feel a little broken somehow. You might feel anxious, worried, frustrated, overwhelmed or even sad much of the time. You may have had a difficult early life.  Maybe you’ve had some experiences in life that have simply stopped you in your tracks… like a painful break-up, an accident or a sudden job loss. You probably feel isolated and alone in some way. You might even have a chronic medical issue or experience physical pain. You’re most likely highly sensitive, especially to other’s emotions and energy.  You don’t always feel comfortable being in groups, yet you long for intimacy and connection.

You find yourself pushing and doing so much and yet, it never feels like enough. Maybe you look all put together on the outside but inside it’s a different story. Inside, plays the mantra of  “Not Enough… Not enough money, time, love, energy, fill in the ________.” You feel like you are missing out on something. You are interested in your own process and you know it’s OK if it’s not easy, you’re not afraid of hard. Tired of it maybe, but not afraid. The struggle you are in is not an issue of your commitment to yourself nor is it from your lack of trying. You always say, “If you show me what to do, show me what will really work, then I’ll do it.”  You are willing to do the work. You might even know exactly what the issues are, or the origins. You just you haven’t been able to shift your energy in a way that’s really made the difference.

My deepest passion is to help people heal, transform, grow and create their own brilliant lives and visions. I have studied and used energy for healing, transforming and creating for myself and others since I was in my teens. I’m an advanced Energy Master, life coach and teacher and bring this knowing along with my deep wisdom, compassion and fierce commitment to the personal transformation and energy alignment work I do.

 Are you ready to….

  • Turn this around and get the breakthroughs you really want?
  • Feel whole and healthy?
  • Bring your own intrinsic brilliance into everything you do?
  • Finally show up and bring your unique gifts and talents to the world?
  • Live your life with deeper joy and purpose?

“Working with Melani is the closest I have ever come to experiencing real magic.  This woman has got serious mastery over this stuff.  But what I love the most is that she is so down-to-earth about it.  Nothing is scary, nothing is taboo, and she empowers you rather than having you rely on her. I trust her implicitly and I go to her when I want something hard and tangled to be simple and loving.”

          ~ Anna Kunnecke, Declare Dominion

• • •

 “I fell in love with yoga and became a yoga teacher in large part because it was the only way I had glimpses of being present in my body.  I abhor labels, but I fully embraced and    accepted this year that I do, in fact, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.  I’ve called it many things: introversion, sensitivity, crankiness, sleeplessness… but what it boils down to is that I have had deep trauma lodged in my body and nothing that I did: not yoga, not breath-work, not meditation, not mind-body healing techniques, not even eating cookies could touch it.

That is all changing.

Through great and amazing good fortune, Melani Marx and I found each other and I’ve been doing some very intensive, woo-woo, energy healing with her.  I don’t understand it, but it works.

Nightmares I’ve had every night, my whole life? Gone.  Monthly migraine headaches?  Gone.  Exhaustion and be-frazzlement (I made that up) in chaotic situations?  Greatly reduced.  My sense of peace and my ability to stay in my body and to be present to strong emotion are growing by the day.  I can’t say enough about this work.”

            ~ Nona  Jordan, The Business Yogini                                                                             

Are you ready? Let me help you get the breakthrough you really want.

Our work together is at a core, energetic level. The shifts that take place are deep, powerful and permanent. I promise you this is like nothing you have done before.

I’ll help you find those undiscovered brilliant pieces of yourself that got thrown into the corner to tarnish, covered with dust. Those bits and chunks that got torn out because of pain or unreleased trauma. We call all those places back…it really is like magic. They are coaxed out, the charges gracefully and gently let go of and the precious gifts stored within finally and fully received. The cloth that is the fabric of your entire being is brought back to wholeness and brilliance with love, tenderness and even some laughter. You discover a richer and kinder self. A brilliant and more integral being than you ever knew you were.

You have my full support as you move through these shifts and changes. 

  • We meet weekly or, if you prefer, every other week.
  • Email support in between sessions.
  • Simple and practical energy tools that work.
  • Additional resources to help you stay balanced and stabilized along the way.

Most of my clients have seen the biggest changes with a three month commitment.

Click here to schedule a 10 -15 minute Discovery Session to begin.


Energy Alignment Options:

3 Session – New Beginnings Energy Alignment with Melani –  $1000

Start experiencing more joy and freedom as you begin releasing old energetic entanglements and outdated limiting beliefs that have kept you spinning your wheels.

6 Session – Energy Alignment Intensive with Melani  – $1800 or two payments of  $925

Get clear about what you really want and need. Let go of  deeply held energetic patterns at the root. Learn New Energy Tools for Life to help you stay connected to your beautiful, brilliant self. Includes extra client support of 24/7 access to healing meditations, tips and techniques that help you stay balanced and clear as you go through the work.

13 Session –  Deep Dive Energy Alignment with Melani $3600 or five payments of $750

Get to know yourself in the deepest most intimate and loving way. Having released frozen emotional and energetic stickiness, you begin to truly transform your life and are able to begin create what your heart and soul long for on the deepest levels. You will experience more freedom and ease in every way. During this six month journey you will gain confidence in moving through the world, using all your New Energy Tools for Life to help you come back to yourself, no matter what. Includes extra client support of 24/7 access to healing meditations, tips and techniques that help you stay balanced and clear as you go through the work.

PLUS a complimentary copy of Energy Spa in a Box.

Single Energy Alignment Session with Melani$350

Discovery Session ~ A 10-15 minute conversation to explore if this work is right for you, ask questions and see if we are a good match. Click here to schedule.
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My Peace of Mind Guarantee: I want you to feel good about our work together. If after the first session this doesn’t feel like it is right for you, I will happily refund you your money.

Deepest blessings,


P.S. If you have any questions about whether this work is right for you, or where to begin, please email me.