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Tsunamis, Seismic Events and Loosing Everything

In Celebration, Courage, Soul by Melani Marx

A little over two years ago one of the most catalytic events of my life took place. It sent everything I had believed and taught into question. This was a seismic event that rocked every single area of my life – the ripple effects of which are still echoing. A few months before this event I was at a crossroads. I …

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It Doesn’t Make You Bad

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

It’s OK to be human. To feel sad. Scared. Angry. To feel uncertain. Paralyzed. Tired. Jittery. Antsy. This is all part of life. It doesn’t make you bad, wrong or un-wholy. No matter what anyone has told you. It simply makes you human – just like the seven billion–some–other humans on the planet. Being human means that in one moment I can …

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In the Spirit of Celebration

In Celebration, Spirit by Melani Marx

What if today you simply celebrate all that you are. All that you have. All that you see? What if this year you choose to begin with an epic and utter sense of starting fresh? What if you leave behind any feelings, stories or beliefs that create a sense or feeling inside your precious being of “less-than” or “not enough” …