What People Are Saying:

Energy Alignment With Melani


“…Melani, I experience you as a “Soul Whisperer”….from the first session, you made direct contact with the very energy of my Soul…and then you began the process of showing me how to call my fragmented parts back to myself. You create a very anchored and sacred energy space within which we work together. It’s like there’s a synchronization of our energies for a time. You lead me  energetically even more than with words. Its like you demonstrate the energy for me so I know how to do it for myself.There is something very, very unique about the way you work…  You have an ability to lead and speak directly from the heart, from the soul, that cuts like a laser through an issue. Your compassion is palpable. And from a practical standpoint, you just bring sooo much life experience and healing knowledge to the table. You are a coach, teacher and healer all rolled up into one….very practical and grounded yet totally woo woo in certain aspects.”

-Kathryn Grey-Flynn, Life Coach

“Melani knows how to provide a safe haven for delving into the emotional energy work of healing – she’s a wonderful guide and brilliant healer. She works fast and her results are long lasting. I’m a big fan. Knowing that she is there to provide guidance whenever I find myself “stuck” is a godsend.”

~Connie Herman, Life Coach


“I wanted to work with Melani from the moment I met her. I found her warm, radiant,  funny and very alive. As it turned out, I did 10 coaching sessions with Melani over a 10 month period. During that time, I started Sage’s Play, a venture focused on creative aging. I began to publish a blog, developed a website and wrote a musical play about aging. Helpful people were magnetized to my projects, including a marvelous composer who wrote the music for my play. Those are some of the tangible results.

Melani brings a wonderful array of gifts to her life coach work– among them warmth, realness, lightness, openness and gentle humor. In my experience, sessions with Melani are relaxed and very enjoyable. I emerge from each session full of positive insights, energetic shifts away from limiting habits, exciting creative exploration of options, practical solutions to areas that seemed too big and unwieldy and a feeling of being deeply known and supported.

Of course, everything comes from the intangible, energetic dimension. In that region Melani has wonderful gifts. I was ready for some powerful shifts, and Melani used her gifts to support me in dropping into the deeper dreams of my life. I am happy she is in our world.”

-Gaea Yudron, Sage’s Play

“Take some time to rest upon Melani’s table and you will find an opening to your soul and all that you know without question. She has the gift of clarity, wisdom and insight, and the courage to unfold what has been hidden—and, then, to be present with what is. I came home singing.

~ Katherine Metz, The Art of Placement

“Beyond being an excellent listener, Melani, you are fantastic at getting to the core issue, to make clear what is cloudy, and you do it with compassion, kindness, and love. I feel safe in your insightful, merciful, non-judgmental and centered arms. And your laughter and joy lighten and brighten up my day! Thank you Melani. You are such a gift!”

-Mary Jane Pappas, President PAPPAS Design

Melani is very grounded and wise. Her compassion and nurturing environment facilitate self-examination and sharing.
I gratefully recommend her to those who want support in moving forward in life.
~Patti Browning, Oneness Blessing Facilitator

“Melani is my coach of choice when I’m dealing with what seems like a small issue that’s got me stuck. With Melani, I can delve deep; she is brilliant at helping me identify the source of my pain, and with amazing calm and focus, rides with me into the light.”

~Eve Giovenco, Life Coach

Wow what a great session today (actually, come to think of it, all our session have been great). You do an excellent job of hanging in and tracking to the bottom line… Thank you for being so great… once again you are truly gifted at this.”

~Alan Jensen, Life Coach

“Melani’s coaching is heartwarming and fun!  She has a knack for getting right to the heart of the matter in a way that is direct, yet never feels threatening.  I feel very supported by Melani when she is coaching me; free to take risks, yet also safe.  She provides a very inviting space where I can explore and grow.  And her laughter makes it feel light and fun.”

~Ellen Hartson, LISW
, Life Coach