My deepest passion is to help individuals and communities heal, transform, grow and create their own brilliant lives and visions.

I am a life coach, energy master, teacher, mentor, and writer. I come from a family of small business owners and have been an entrepreneur, consultant and successful small business owner myself for more than two decades now as well as working more than a decade in the land of Corporate America. I’ve raised three individualistic and spirited children as a single parent. I have traveled to India and Taiwan to further my spiritual studies and gifts. 

I am practical, grounded and down-to-earth.

I am interested in what is simple and really works.


I have an intensely curious mind and am a life-long learner. One of the most unusual and cool things I’ve ever done was to help lead Vision Quests in the desert of Eastern Washington over a series of autumns. I have been leading and facilitating transformation and liberation for myself and others for more than 30 years. I am currently embracing the Energy Master I have always been and am having a blast.


I fiercely believe that every single one of us has our own intrinsic Essential Brilliance that is an expression of the Divine. As we show up and express this, when we live into it, the distortions and tangled energies of past limitations begin to release and let go. We can and are changing the world as we show up and offer our unique gifts and talents to the Whole. I believe that the call of the Soul is getting stronger and louder. We are being urged to step into our Wholeness.


My own journey began as an adolescent and was fueled by my intense desire to be free of the emotional pain and the extreme dysfunction of my own original community, a.k.a. my family. The environment was one of substance abuse, mental illness and all the crazy stuff that comes with it. This created a profound sense of mistrust of my own perceptions and instincts about life. As much as I tried, I didn’t feel like I belonged or fit into any recognizable group. I spent much of my life anxious, afraid and believing that the trauma I had experienced in my life would forever keep me from being truly free. I believed that I would always be crippled. I kept repeating disabling patterns and the cycle felt endless. As hard as I worked using every modality I could find, I never got completely out of the loop.

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From the outside I made it all look easy.  I looked very successful and appeared to have it all together. The channel playing inside, however was tuned to a very different station. I have been tireless and fiercely committed to my own healing and transformation and that of others, following my own deep longing to show up fully and release the beliefs and blockages that kept me from fully showing up.

I have had the immense good fortune to work, study and mentor with some of the best and brightest. I have done my work. I have plumbed the depths of my own pain and terror and come out the other side with humor, compassion and a sense of freedom and joy. I have studied and used energy for healing, transforming and creating for myself and others since I was in my teens. I bring all of this plus some very practical and extraordinary tools to my work with groups and individuals.

I am able to hold a wide container of safety and acceptance that deeply nourishes and allows.

I bring all of my wisdom and experience to the table in the support of your precious unfolding.



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Portait photo:Thomas Doty

Other Photo Credits, unless otherwise noted: Melani Marx