Not Your Job


Let go of trying to order the world.

It quite simply is not your job.

Your job is to come into alignment with this moment, with the gifts and wisdom available here.

When you feel yourself bolt in panic or concern for what is ahead and your or a loved one’s ability to traverse it – call yourself back.

Keep your energy, worry and concern out of it.

Allow Divine Magic to unfold on your behalf.

Allow yourself to come back and rest in the sweetness of this moment.

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The misunderstanding is that you must – you need – to go out into the future to try and solve “it” ahead of time – any issue – any “it.”

Each moment can and will attend only to itself.

Moving into the future in worry, concern, in a desire to control the outcome moves us out of the stream of Life. Of wholeness.  This disrupts the natural flow and creates resistance in the entire fabric of Life – like a granite boulder impeding the flow of the stream.  The whole of us is not fully present then – we become scattered and fragmented in our ability to savour the gifts and wisdom of the moment.


Each moment will attend to itself.

It does not need us to attend to it. There is an Infinite Divine Order and Intelligence at work in the cosmos. In our lives. Its wisdom and ability to orchestrate to the most minute detail is obvious when you stop and fully look at the Natural world – at Nature – at the beauty of a single cell –  the workings and choreography of your own amazing human body.

Let go of trying to order the world. It’s not your job. Your job is to come into alignment with this moment and the gifts available here. All of them.

Allow the Divine Magic to unfold on your behalf. Allow yourself to come back and rest in the sweetness of this moment. Allow yourself to rest here.

It’s OK to rest.

It’s OK to let each moment take care of itself.

All is well.



Will you join me…

In lighting a candle in the darkness.

In spending time each morning to fill yourself from the well.

In expressing your light.

In sharing with me and with others.

I am turning on the light. Every morning. Inside and out.

Will you join me?


There is strength, power and wisdom in numbers.

In my exploration of the Light, my commitment to Illumination in my own life and to sharing that with others –  I invite you to stand with me in this experience.  To create a powerful luminous and connected ribbon of light and love.

To reach within ourselves FIRST to dispel the darkness of fear, the sourness of hatred, the inner conflict of war and battle so that you and I may strongly BE the beacons of light that we are. So each of us may carry that light within our minds and hearts as we go about the day, in our circles of influence, our lives.

I will be writing for the next month – through early January – in the morning darkness at least five times a week, sharing inspiration and Illumination on fostering, nurturing, connecting to and experiencing your own luminous Light. Because I want to. Because I need to. Beacuse I feel called to.

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I would be honoured to have you by my side.

Will you join me?

If you are already receiving this in your inbox via email then you are good to go – Nothing else to do.

If not – you can join me right here

Pass it on.

In Light. In Love. In Presence.



IMG_7209 copyMelani Marx is a guidess, mentor, teacher, healer, entrepreneur and joyful creative being. She is the author of the Daily Essence Divination Deck and the creator of the Every Day Joy e-course. Melani reflects back to folks the Essence of who they truly are. She supports them in finding clarity and living their deepest, most joyful and abundant Soul-aligned Purpose right here, in 3-D, on our beautiful planet – Earth.

All photo credits: Melani Marx


Barbara January 5, 2016 at 3:08 am

Thank you so much for your constant direct line to love and peace and calm. It has been a delight for me to read your words whenever I see them in my in-box. You have shone a touch on all the aspects that sometimes ‘life’ obscures but you know are still there. Thank you again. Happy New Year.

Melani Marx January 7, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Thank you, Barbara. I deeply appreciate your words and feedback. You are so very welcome. Happiest of New Year Blessings to you!

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