When the Storms are Raging – Inside and Out


Sometimes the circumstances we find ourselves in, the news we hear, the very situations of our lives send us reeling away from our center. We find ourselves standing at the edge of the shore, the ground beneath our feet eroding fast as we are pulled under and seemingly swept out into a sea, a storm of heavy emotions. No ground. No anchor. No direction.

When this happens it can be difficult – seemingly impossible to find peace – find a quiet corner within that will enable us to swim with the current rather than against it. To soften in love, so that we may open to the possibility of a larger picture and a new, as yet unseen and never before known destination.

The mind can only comprehend what we already have in our data banks. Fear, although about the unknown and unknowable future, is always based on, rooted firmly in the past.  On what we have seen. In the studied possibilities based on our own or other’s stories, the news, what our past experience and data tells us that could, may, will play out in the future. It is all a fiction.  We tell ourselves horror stories and then we live the terror of that.


There is another way. We can choose to listen for the Harmony that is the foundation of all Life. It is within you. It is within me. It is within all matter. More certain than the sun rising tomorrow – there is a harmonious organizing principle in the Universe – Love. It is the unifying song, always at work in every circumstance. The foundation of everything. The glue that holds the Cosmos together. It is just that in our finite minds we cannot always grasp this. Love is far beyond our biological, primitive, survival, instinctual, fear driven mind’s ability to perceive.

Our minds, when fear is snapping along our nerve endings, are simply “survival at all costs,” racing computational machines designed to quantify, sort and organize data.  The unruly, fear-driven mind is very black-and-white. All or nothing. Death or glory. If this – then disaster. Our minds can only bring up information that is already known.


We need to drop below the level of the mind. Drop into our animal bodies, into our hearts and bellies, into the Infinite space within it all.  Connect to something bigger and vaster than our own limited intelligence. Drop into the realm of the Spiritual. Become alchemists. Magicians. 

We can consciously connect to and come into the core of our being. The Light, straight from Source, that flows through our spine – our own Core Column of Light. Call in more of our soul’s perfect pattern that it lovingly holds for us – the road map – the way forward.  Call on our soul’s deepest wisdom and steadfast connection to the All That Is. Deliberately bring this in through the back of the heart. Fill ourselves up with it.  Every particle.


Ask for a healing.

We can call on the Light, the Sun, the Source to come in through the top of our crown in the form of a golden ball of brilliant light.  Ask that it go down through the core of our bodies, our energy fields. Cleansing and realigning our hearts, our minds, our bodies, every fibre of our being. Ask that it release anything that is not ours, anything unseen, unloved, unaligned to our highest good. Asking that it all be sent down into the Earth. Asking that it transform, transmute, be recycled there.

We can ask for support. Call in our unseen allies – the Angels, Devas, Beings of Light, our Guides to surround us, comfort us, be with us – as we do our own inner work.

We can ask for a miracle – not for a particular outcome – but for our own alignment to Love – so that we might be open to a new possibility – to a miracle– to the impossible.

We can breathe. When we are in the throes of fear we tend to stop breathing. We get small. Contract. Where there is breath there is Life. Keep breathing deep and wide… into your belly… your pelvis… your toes…. Breath in Life –  Love –  Peace. On the exhale consciously let go of tension, anxiousness- fear. Close your eyes. Do this several times. Put a finger in your belly button and give it a tug. Breathing creates room and space and connects us to Life.


We can use our bodies to move the energy of fear with the energy of pure creative force. We can dance, sing, stretch. We can paint, dig in the soil. We can scream and howl. We can let that energy move. We can go outside and be in Nature. Connect to the larger miracle of Life itself. The Infinite wisdom, intelligence and beauty always unfolding in the natural world. We can discover our own place in that. We can rest in it.

We can take control of our own minds – our own thinking by bringing it back to this moment. To now. We can cultivate Presence.


This is our work– to consciously open in the face of fear – to welcome whatever is here – whatever is having its way with us as the force of perfect unfolding. The seeds of the solution, the miracle already seeded inside it. And we – our work is to be open and receptive. To turn toward Love – toward Beauty – toward Harmony and stand fast in that to the very best of our abilities. To call in the peace within. To choose to make our own inner peace, our own firm ground, our own connection to Love and the Divine the priority. The focus.

Nothing else matters. This is the ground where miracles happen. Where the impossible meets the possible.

Sometime we are consumed, so we make this a moment by moment practice. An endeavour. A mantra. A prayer. We keep coming back to that. We are deliberately turning our eyes, our minds, and our hearts away from fear and into the arms of Love.

This is how we find firm ground.


Will you join me…

In lighting a candle in the darkness.

In spending time each morning to fill yourself from the well.

In expressing your light.

In sharing with me and with others.

I am turning on the light. Every morning. Inside and out.

Will you join me?


There is strength, power and wisdom in numbers.

In my exploration of the Light, my commitment to Illumination in my own life and to sharing that with others –  I invite you to stand with me in this experience.  To create a powerful luminous and connected ribbon of light and love.

To reach within ourselves FIRST to dispel the darkness of fear, the sourness of hatred, the inner conflict of war and battle so that you and I may strongly BE the beacons of light that we are. So each of us may carry that light within our minds and hearts as we go about the day, in our circles of influence, our lives.

I will be writing for the next month in the morning darkness at least five times a week, sharing inspiration and Illumination on fostering, nurturing, connecting to and experiencing your own luminous Light. Because I want to. Because I need to. Beacuse I feel called to.

IMG_8963 - Version 4

I would be honoured to have you by my side.

Will you join me?

If you are already receiving this in your inbox via email then you are good to go – Nothing else to do.

If not – you can join me right here

Pass it on.

In Light. In Love. In Presence.



IMG_7209 copyMelani Marx is a guidess, mentor, teacher, healer, entrepreneur and joyful creative being. She is the author of the Daily Essence Divination Deck and the creator of the Every Day Joy e-course. Melani reflects back to folks the Essence of who they truly are. She supports them in finding clarity and living their deepest, most joyful and abundant Soul-aligned Purpose right here, in 3-D, on our beautiful planet – Earth.

All photo credits: Melani Marx

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