A Small Light in the Dark


This morning I woke at 5:30. In the darkness I reached for my phone. The banner said a meteor shower was peeking “Wish upon a star.”  I did… to go back to sleep.

But I didn’t. I lay in bed following my breath. Praying. Restless.  My mind worrying at the edges of things.  About this commitment to write. To share.  I felt uncertain. Concerned that no words would arrive. No inspiration would strike and illuminate me. Anxious… that I would be barren. Empty.

Finally following the flow of Life that was calling me to rise, to move… I did.

In the darkness of my bedroom I lit a candle and watched as the light stretched out into the corners.  I felt a sense of reverence as I walk through the dark house.

I set the candle on a stack of books piled upon the coffee table in the sunroom.  With the flick of a switch I lit the stove in the corner.  Flames leapt. Firelight meeting candle flame, filling the room – a pale beacon that could be seen across the darkened house.

Making tea by candlelight and the blue ring of the gas flame on the stove. Hot mug in hand, I made my way in the dark to my journal. Opened to the blank the page and began to add… color, words, pictures. Allowing the gentle stream of Life flowing through me to continue to carry me forward.

Content. Simply being present with each moment. In quiet conversation with myself my soul vastness of Great Mystery a form of prayer an invocation in the dark.


As the sky began to lighten, I drew Angel Cards. Faith. Trust. A blank card – calling to mind silence. Spaciousness. Possibility.

Now as the world outside my window emerges,  becomes visible in the grey predawn – the snow covered hills across my canyon come into view – everything quiet but for the tick of the clock and the scratch of my pen.

I contemplate faith. Faith in this moment is the quiet step out into the dark knowing the matches will be there to light the way. It is quiet, present, centered movement out into the world – despite the eddies of fear –into the unknown. Into life. Faith is the flame that lights the way forward.

Because even if I cannot see what is off in the distance or round the next corner, I bring with me childlike wonder and curiosity.

Trust is born of actions taken. Faith in oneself. In the Universe. In the power of Love and Truth.  Trust is following the river of Life that pulls me from my bed. From sleep into quiet waking. Into presence. Into the flowing, stream of Life and the sweet and quiet gifts it generously hands out –if we are awake enough to accept, to receive them.

IMG_5427 - Version 2

In my experience in order to be the Light, we first must become still. Get quiet. Connect to it. To the Universal and Infinite source of Light, Love, Peace, Infinite Wisdom and Intelligence – by whatever name YOU choose to call it. In whatever way that helps YOU to be infused and nourished.

There is no set path. No “right” way. Each person, each moment is fresh, unique, valid. Each experience is a vital part of the chorus, of the Whole.

My prayer is that these words, these images spark something alive within you as they have within me. May the light you carry inside ignite a flame, bring light, love, presence, warmth into another’s experience today.

As I sit in this moment I can feel each of the keepers, the tenders of the Light across the globe. We are many. We are bright. My heart is full. Thank you.


Will you join me…

In lighting a candle in the darkness.

In spending time each morning to fill yourself from the well.

In expressing your light.

In sharing with me and with others.

I am turning on the light. Every morning. Inside and out.

Will you join me?


There is strength, power and wisdom in numbers.

In my exploration of the Light, my commitment to Illumination in my own life and to sharing that with others –  I invite you to stand with me in this experience.  To create a powerful luminous and connected ribbon of light and love.

To reach within ourselves FIRST to dispel the darkness of fear, the sourness of hatred, the inner conflict of war and battle so that you and I may strongly BE the beacons of light that we are. So each of us may carry that light within our minds and hearts as we go about the day, in our circles of influence, our lives.

I will be writing for the next month in the morning darkness at least five times a week, sharing inspiration and Illumination on fostering, nurturing, connecting to and experiencing your own luminous Light. Because I want to. Because I need to. Beacuse I feel called to.

IMG_8963 - Version 4

I would be honoured to have you by my side.

Will you join me?

If you are already receiving this in your inbox via email then you are good to go – Nothing else to do.

If not – you can join me right here

Pass it on.

In Light. In Love. In Presence.



IMG_7209 copyMelani Marx is a guidess, mentor, teacher, healer, entrepreneur and joyful creative being. She is the author of the Daily Essence Divination Deck and the creator of the Every Day Joy e-course. Melani reflects back to folks the Essence of who they truly are. She supports them in finding clarity and living their deepest, most joyful and abundant Soul-aligned Purpose right here, in 3-D, on our beautiful planet – Earth.

All photo credits: Melani Marx

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