Be yourself. Open and receive all that you are – the darkness and the shame – the beautiful and the bright. They are equally precious and holy. 

Love starts with you. You cannot love another to any greater degree than you love and accept yourself. Neither can you truly receive love to any greater degree than how much you love and accept yourself. It all starts within – in your own precious heart.

When you look outside of you and see ugliness, darkness or shadows and you judge – those are the refection of the places – the shadows within yourself that you have not yet embraced or fully welcomed.

The more you welcome all of you – the whiny and as well as shiny bits – the greater the acceptance – the more love and abundance you are able to bring into your life. The greater the integration that is created. The stronger the foundation and capacity. The greater your ability to create what you choose. What you love. What is joy.




No part of you can be left behind. Because none of you is unlovable. Take all of the children of your being – every single part of you and hold hands with them. Bring them ALL with you.

In order to have the life you most deeply desire you must first love all that you are. Everything. Every part.

Love the one who cheats. The one who tells lies or half truths to get what it wants, needs – love, safety, welcome, refuge. Love the coward. Love the one who remains small because it is safer that way. Love all the ones that have learned their roles over lifetimes of habituated responses.

Love the part that feels guilt and over-responsibility – the one that carries burdens that are not even yours to carry. Love the part that holds back, doesn’t tell the truth because it might rock the boat. It might offend.

The tiniest most shame-filled bits of you are Love. Are loved. It is time to welcome them all into the Light. Hold them with love, like a long lost beloved. To sink more fully into this go here.

Tell the truth now. Trust that it will carry you forward. There is nothing and no reason left to hide, dear one. Now is the time. The more you show up in your own Truth –  the more you show up in all your imperfect glory – the more you will attract that which matches that Truth. Matches the Essence that you are – what you hold most dear and truly valuable.




Follow the flow of Life – Follow Ease.

Pay attention to what feels awful – hard and filled with struggle. Where do you tense? Contract? Where are the places you feel heavy and agitated? Unlovable? These are the places where you are flowing upstream. Turn and choose more ease. Choose love. Choose acceptance. Choose peace. Choose rest. Just for this moment. Choose this.

Let all of your ideas about hard equating value be laid to rest. Let them fall away.

The river, the stream – it flows around the boulders, always moving back toward its source. It follows gravity. It is the essence of ease and flow. Be the river. Be the flow. Let it carry you.

If you find yourself pushing against something – step back. Let go in the moment. Let go of your ideas about what is needed. Your stance of making something happen. Let go of your need to push it forward in your timing.

Let go and walk away for a while.

Go outside. Sit quietly and breath. Ask for and call in support. Surrender and ask for a new perspective. A new view. Be willing to do something different. To open the door to other possibilities.




Let go with love and appreciation of what is not serving you in this new unfolding.

Clean house. Physically Mentally. Emotionally.

Where are the false palaces of avoidance? The places of greatest resistance. Let them be swept clean.

Open and look with new eyes at your life. Your possessions. Your relationships.

Walk through your home and life as if you have never seen it before. Ask to see with fresh gaze. Let go of what is no longer useful. What is flat. What is just taking up space. Make room and space for something new.

Fill the spaces that are left empty with more of your own Soul’s Essence. Do this inside first. Bring it in through the back of your heart, see it fill you up. Visualize it as the light that you are. Keep bring more of your Essence into you.

Trust that as you move more clearly and authentically into who you are that you will be held. Every single thing in the Cosmos is here to support you in this, dear one.

One bite of something you truly love, is infinitely more satisfying than an entire buffet of food you don’t really want.

Ask for guidance.

Go outside.

Feel yourself holding and being held – the sacred dance of Heaven and Earth within you.

Every time you do this. Every time you love yourself. Every time you engage in a courageous act of love for yourself. It informs the Whole. It infuses the planet. It adds to the collective consciousness of humanity. This Love that you are, that you turn toward yourself. This unfolding of your Light – It is not a small thing, dear one. Not. At. All..

Come back to this often. Come back to It all strats with you.”


A message of wisdom, love and acceptance from the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers as expressed through my pen one May morning. I was inspired to share this with you. May their words support and uplift you in living all that you truly are – as they support me.



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Melani Marx is a guidess, mentor, teacher, healer, entrepreneur and joyful creative being. She is the author of the Daily Essence Divination Deck and the creator of the Every Day Joy e-course. Melani reflects back to folks the Essence of who they truly are. She supports them in finding clarity and living their deepest, most joyful and abundant Soul-aligned Purpose right here, in 3-D, on our beautiful planet – Earth.


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